Ambiguity tortures the crazy

Conundrums amuse fly-by-nights

One episode of doubt in a biplane

A precursor to reading last rites

Some squirrel away the whole truth

In favour of telling white lies

Yet to the devil’s own precious daughter

A crucifix a fool proof disguise

Wide spaces house the very best illusions

Darkened rooms a haven for the distressed

In this incomplete jigsaw of human fragility

The missing pieces represent the repressed

A ticket for a voyage on the Lusitania

Maybe trumps Mardi Gras ritual feast?

Either way we are all Times own quarry

At the final kill we all end up deceased


27 thoughts on “HUMAN JIGSAW

      1. My apologies. I have The Storyteller planned for midweek, likely better than this this ‘fell out of the head in 5 minutes with guests in the house on Sunday…my brain hurts, a Pythonesque thing!

      2. Mr. Gumby, indeed! I hope the guests didn’t make you want to have the apocalypse, let alone death.
        And speaking of Python, wouldn’t it have been a trip had Death showed up at your dinner party as it did for MEANING OF LIFE? 🙂

      3. I adore cooking you know…never use a recipe; make it all up on the hoof. I died an hour ago…this is my ghost typing, you see just did 12k on my cross trainer in 30 degrees…he says like he’s boasting, except for the fact he’s snuffed it!

      4. LMAO okay that just made my morning. I’m really nervous about presenting at a literary festival my employer’s holding today, but your words have just helped loads. Thank you!

  1. Very enjoyable read. I have a friend who always wants to be three or four places at once (like the voyage or the Mardi Gras). How tiring would that be. Reminds me of an old Firesign Theatre line, “How can you be two places at once if you’re really no where at all.”

    1. True enough…and he supports my team, The Arsenal! I recall him winning a championship race a few years back and at the post race interview, rather than accept the plaudits he insisted on being told the Arsenal score! National Lottery funding seems to have paid off for Team GB across all sports this time.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wish I could make that a large, bold WOW!) This is incredible! I think I love this one better than anything you’ve ever written on here! xoxoxo This has GOT to be the opening of Book 3.

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