latterly, in the unending forest of spheres the naked ape has at long, long last

learned to tarry beneath the canopy; has determined that he can feast upon

as well as delight himself in sport with those four-legged creatures not of his own kind

the ones of cloven hoof who have not the wherewithal nor aptitude to measure time


The Pan, he spoke of telescopes, and autumn leaves he once held dear

Passé now the stay in Neverland, how soon dog days’ virtue makes to disappear


There are false hopes looking skywards, there is no hope in bringing to mind

The ambition of Wendy’s ‘hidden kiss’, when it feeds crass love, a love that’s blind


In the season of duplicity, he gave Tiger Lilly pause to breathe

Made love with her upon a summer’s night, then glibly said he had to leave


Yet somewhere in his nightmare, he thought he heard her manic scream

Woke up, made a coffee, then accepted it as another ripened dream


…he shelved his reliance upon the benevolence of a thing of greatness he would never touch

determined that the perceptive conscious was all there is; the forest of spheres a deathless disguise


She met him first in Le Chabanais, the place where Prince’s sowed wild oats

She was mounting the social ladder, while the aficionado was making lewdest notes


Souvenirs and platitudes, serve as condolences to those without the magic touch

He served her vodka mixed with this and that until she had had much too much


…he had contemplated continuation, fathomed that late night wanton indiscretions

with those he wanted yet never craved for made for sweet bastard babies too soon fledging

in city sewers, dark alleyways and unattended underground car parks


In a full-on fight twixt passionate lovers, an easy thing, unknotting the ties that bind

In the wake of which, what pained him so, not her goodbye, but the empty space she left behind


…she would attack him with acerbic tongue, occasionally her fists, then just fade away


There’s a woman at the window, he thinks she’s lost her mind

Yet in the unending forest of spheres, the demented are never far behind


(A muse on the human condition)



31 thoughts on “IN THE FOREST OF SPHERES

      1. I don’t know, sometimes I just send it to wander into the world of dreams on purpose. I am reading a lot these day to hide from reality. And sleep 🙂 Jetlag and everything else…

      2. Have you read The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence? If you are in reading mode and want a book that grabs attention without being too deep (i.e. a decent read) I strongly recommend this little gem.

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