an angry night spent alone in Spartan space

harshest words committed to pen and paper

come first light, she casts them upon the hearth

giving false hope, but no reprieve to fading embers

then watches her wretched waspish, now blackened text

flake then become devoured within the sooty vortex


in those times of strength or weakness

when two bodies become just one

only the timid make note of a shaft of light

as they grieve for secrets lost or exposed

in the testing silence of faltering desire

safe from prying eyes and rumours

when an anarchy of sorts is realized

upon next day’s reflections

after all that was sticky

has been washed away

then, only then, there is room

for fresh intrigue within tangled minds


storm clouds abate, bluest skies disguise silver infinity

heartthrob telepathy ensures longevity for those in love

whatever else she may or may not have been wearing

he made mental note that she mostly donned a smile

so captivating as to ensure the belligerent animal that is time

leaves true lovers well alone

31 thoughts on “WITHIN TANGLED MINDS

  1. I’m writing a long letter of complant, regarding the excellent standard of poetry on this site.
    Sheik Spear
    Ottoman Empire

  2. Oh my God Mike, this is so wonderfully evocative and visceral. You have quite made me heady just reading it. I mean we have all done these things and sometimes what burns brightest is best burnt. Brilliant work. Quite made my day. Don’t say how sad is that. xxxxx

    1. Reflection over more than a one night stand from days of yore is a difficult ‘thing’. The combination of the good things and the rotten make up the whole…so says this weekend philosopher!

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