My son George…his first blog I understand.

George Blamey-Steeden

zoolon-sampleplaySIMPLE SOUND ART

The above is a still frame of a video at my YouTube Channel

This post is my first ever ‘blog’. I go by the name of George and for my sins I write songs, make sound art and produce royalty free music samples for a living.  Odd as it may seem, I like to capture sounds and play around with them. In many ways captured sound is like a chrysalis. Once manipulated it sometimes emerges as a butterfly.

If you click the above YouTube link you can see and hear a piece made using a random ping pong ball and an ancient Indian brass dish to create a piece of simple Sound Art. All the sounds in this video (synths and bass included) are directly manipulated from the hits you see me make with the ping pong ball upon the dish.

You can also find me…

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18 thoughts on “PING PONG BALL & DISH

    1. I shall tell him…he’s put hours and hours into setting up the website from scratch…he just needs to get on page 1 of Google and his business will really have legs!

    1. My youngest has been putting in 14 hours a day for 14 weeks to get this far…he only started trading on Tuesday and already is making sales…his quest to come up on page 1 on Google…if I prayed I’d pray that he gets there.

      1. Thanks. With a first class degree in music and 157 job applications ignored he decided to revert to the things he knows best. After just 5 days trading he tells me things look promising! He is a non drinker, non smoker fine bloke and I shall back him all the way.

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