Springtime mist masks the fate

Of a summer yet unborn

Fast forward to the autumn

And feel the beginnings of the Devil’s scorn


Back then the thought tormented me

Where will I be when springtime’s exemption fades?

When propositions lend themselves

To passions once delayed


If dreams were just the simplest things

There would be nothing to decide

If wishes all were horses

Then all beggars they would ride*


Out there beyond horizons

Beyond all pastures new

I discovered that when autumn comes

I would have a finer view


One born of experience

And not one fearful of impending fate

A place in which mortality

Is a changeling disinclined to wait


*From an old saying dating back to the 16th. Century

41 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S SCORN

  1. A curious piece. Almost cautious, I feel, where one’s trying not to repeat the same cycle as Nature’s destined to do. Or will he go on? Fine work, thoughtful, and maybe not to be read just before bed, as my head’s gone a bit foggy. If only I had more pumpkin bread….

    1. An old one revisited Ms Lee. I’ve been setting up my son’s accounting system; tax matters; bank accounts etc. etc. as he’s appointed me his unpaid back office staff presently. Haven’t written a new word all week! There should only be 3 seasons I reckon ‘beginning, middle and end’…then again I’m a raving lunatic (so said the wife when I stepped out of my shower yesterday only to discover she had removed to the washing machine all the towels; in my rush to find something to dry myself with my wet feet caused me to skid across a polished wooden floor whereupon I collapsed in a heap and entered a different realm)…what a week! A bottle of red beckon’s this night.

      1. LOL! I’ve done that to Bo, too, and believe you me, he did NOT thank me for it. 😉 Yes, I’m lucky if I can write twice a week. It is rather curious that we have four seasons…three seems such a more divine number…

      2. It’s a funny old world…nearly a year to the day I passed out and fell down I long flight of stairs into a different realm at about 4am. What I want to know is how come whenever things go wrong I end up in a naked heap on the floor…I’ve suggested to Shirl that she (being a detective genre fan) is setting up the perfect murder! On that subject by the way I strongly recommend the most subline US 6 part series ‘The Night Of…’ From production, characters and script it is as perfect as TV can ever get.

      3. Mmm, sounds lovely! And about the nakedness, I think Chrestomanci of the Diana Wynne Jones books had a similar problems in THE MANY LIVES OF CHRISTOPHER CHANT. A rare prequel that totally nails it!

    1. My thanks Ms Teagan…it’s an older verse I re ran simply because time is limited presently…my son launched his new online business last Tuesday and has me running around doing the boring admin things for him (unpaid of course)

      1. I don’t know much about simple verse, or any other verse :). I am sure that even your telephone texts are brilliant 🙂 It is such a beautiful poem, and I wonder – when people start feeling this way? Sometimes I feel so immature for my age as if I have a whole eternity in front of me 🙂
        I will come back to read your other posts when the rush hour is over :).

      2. Like my son (colour blind and dyslexic) I am of the same persuasion. I know a lot of words but cannot spell them (I can the spell check flummoxed all day long). Were it not for my dear, much more intelligent wife who proofs all that I write then nothing would be posted…8 spell checks I counted on this before pressing the send button!

      3. I can imagine what it takes to comment in your situation. Well, it makes two of us – as English is not my native language, I too have to spellcheck quite often ( thanks God for the underlines).

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