I see my son has been at it again!

George Blamey-Steeden


The link takes you to a demo version of my experimental song ‘Erasing the 38th. I haven’t done much with my music in terms of sharing it with others lately so here we go; the lyric is printed below if it helps you follow the song.


See how it burns

Stars instead of streetlights,

Two moons instead on one,

Touch the edge of heaven,

Give breath to a dying sun,

Give breath to a dying sun (repeat etc.)

See how it burns (repeat etc.)

After the blaze of glory,

Comes the flickering light,

What’s left has no shadow,

No vulture in flight,

Take off this mask,

See how it burns,

See how it burns (repeat etc.),

In this game of Russian roulette,

The weapon now rests at your temple,

Your time on the trigger just drags,

Take of this mask,


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35 thoughts on “ERASING THE 38TH

    1. He’s just started on social media as he launched his new online business last week. A fine chap who can certainly play a few instruments, write a bit and sing…beats me at all levels, but then I am 114 years old!

    1. You haven’t heard me sing…even the wood pigeons fly away. If only I could sing like Pavarotti when taking one of my inevitable cold showers my world would be far better!

      1. A blocked drain…that is how I describe it…my voice, that is. I want a cup of coffee so very badly… till the lovely Nicola put the cat amongst the pigeons this day, so all cannot be that bad.

      2. ‘The juice of a carrot, the smile of the parrot
        A little drop of claret, anything that rocks
        Elvis and Scotty, days when I ain’t spotty
        Sitting on the potty, curing smallpox
        Reasons to be cheerful, part 3
        Reasons to be cheerful, part 3
        Reasons to be cheerful, part 3
        Reasons to be cheerful – 1, 2, 3’
        As sublime as it gets!

      1. Jeez. Funny you should say that, I was coming back from the shopping and raking about for another channel on the car radio and I got briefly onto Classic Fm. Here is some Wagner, they said. I just thought of Hitler.

      1. Matters not Ms S…I have awoken to Wagner, an orchestra belting out his stuff in my head this day…problem is, I hate Wagner with a passion!

      1. Oh yes, there we go. Finally an opportunity to listen. Lovely stuff, moody and thought provoking. I think he’s following me on WP and also saw on SoundCloud.

      1. Fingers crossed, once again! He’s been trading for a week now and is making money. Not a lot but better than the start of my business all those years ago…I made not a penny for the first 6 months, thing ‘bingo’…it took off.

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