I see George has been blogging once more



(photo I took somewhere in Loire Valley, France – near the Troglodytes)


Subject: Sunglasses

I think I’ll wait until dusk before I look at the sky again

Although I worry that my sunglasses think they no longer have a purpose

What they don’t know is that they are not redundant just yet

If the roof falls in, or gets blown away on a sunny day I may find I need them

I think I saw them moving this morning.

Now, a PEN MASH;

All sounds in the video are directly sourced from what you see on screen.  Here, I wanted to explore the creation of sound to reveal what one can do using, subjectively, mundane sources, namely just a pen and my fingers.  A simple idea, yet accomplished by manoeuvring the pen and my fingers to create bass and synth sounds, then time stretching the sounds…

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      1. I will certainly check this out. I used to tap dance until my ankles succumbed to age and wear. I have seriously thought of taking up drumming to fill the void, but this percussion expression would be so much more accessible. Thanks for the connection.

      1. I am researching ‘samplers’ when I’d (given the choice) prefer to be researching gals. Why on earth he hasn’t started up a Parisian Revue type theatre is quite beyond me! Just realised I’m on his post!

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