It pains me so to live here in Vienna

A place where I dare not say ‘Goodnight’

You see saying, ‘Goodnight Vienna’

Means the ghost of my being must take flight


Out of sight of this wondrous city

Planet Earth, the universe too

Into the storms of the cosmos

Away from all that I knew


When I was some weary traveller

When I was a soldier at arms

When I played the ‘grandest’ piano

When I was seduced by your ‘come-hither’ charms


Those are the days I’ll remember

Should memories travel with me in ethereal space

So then, ‘Goodnight, dear Vienna’

And goodnight to my lover, who wore the black lace




40 thoughts on “GOODNIGHT VIENNA

      1. Cheers Mike, have a wonderful day. I had a friend who called Vienna the white city because Cocaine was so easily accessible. I have been reading they have cracked (no pun) down on drugs there. Cheers to them!

      2. I think Bowie had a song that was a metaphor for drugs and Vienna. The radical right seems to have taken the reigns, we (the sane folk) would like to do something but are receiving no encouragement from our representatives other than wailing. Hillary won the popular vote here by over 2 Million votes, yet for the second time the electoral college has put a radical conservative in the white house. We must do away with this archaic process. Thank you Mike. Cheers, indeed!

      3. There maybe worse to come! Marine Le Pen (potentially much worse that UK’s Brexit and Trump) leads the polls to become President of France in 2017. She makes Trump look like a communist she is that bad. With the UK pulling out of the EU, and Le Pen wanting to take France out, the EU could collapse and we’d be back were the world was in 1939, not long after so many of your brave soldiers and ours died fighting the inevitable wars Western Europe is so very could at starting. Does any of those people who vote understand the lessons of history I often wonder!

      4. That is very disturbing news about France. Hatred and isolationism has taken hold here. Trump kicked over a rock and every bigot racist and war monger crawled out. Lessons have not been learned, the airwaves are full of outrage, but that is all that seems to be coming out of it. .

      5. Good folk like us have been too quiet too long I think. I shall re-join a party of the left and hope others do, thus restoring some sort of balance! Oh, I can’t…the leader of our Labour Party is an idiot…couldn’t send over Bernie could you? I rather like Bernie!

      6. Back in the day I was so very left…these days I just want to see a bit of state ownership back…utilities, transport, a properly funded NHS to get it back where it was…all these thing should not (I believe) be in the private sector or be there to make some corporate entity a silly profit. My days a ‘very’ left are long gone yet I still like to see the poor looked after properly. Certainly our far left here are just as bad as the far right (only there’s less of them). Back in the spring we had a riot here where we live when right and left both decided to march through the town on the same day…such despicable violent thugs the lot of them.

      7. I too want to see our government spend our taxes on programs for the needy, the elderly, as well has take care of our infrastructure for a change. I am fearful that the hard right will privatize Social Security (that’s not government funded but withheld from our pay checks) and other programs such as that can “trump” up the coffers of corporate America. I too find it despicable when thugs riot, loot, and burn in the name of any cause, often their own neighborhood businesses.

      8. I think it’s all about them now, what is going to be beneficial for them. They really don’t care about the rest of us. I really think that. I am very disturbed by the hate crimes and the low life elements feeling a freedom has come to be in the open, and apparently it has.

      9. You could well be writing about the UK…it’s the very same here. And, importantly you identify the low life…who come from all aspects of society. Well then, I think I shall toast you as a glass of sublime red wine beckons…! what with it being evening in these parts. Have a splendid weekend (we’re due rain).

    1. Yes I saw an interview with Norbert Hofer the other night…cunning and purposely deceitful chap capable of triggering a thing others merely talk of…Farage with an intellect. Worrying.

    1. He’s not a time-traveller, just one of my musings set in that ‘between the wars’ period of European history and romance I cannot leave alone…my dear wife just vetoed a gal time-traveller tale it took me 2 days to pen! Back to the drawing board!

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