(musings upon The Maid of Orleans) 

for the solitary unfledged heroine

no disciples to serenade choral accolades

sweet death could not come quick enough

be it by fire or tempered steel blades


she offered up her wildest fantasies

he told not to bother he had his own

instead she danced and sang for him

until he said, ‘I only have you here on loan’


she spat out words in many tongues

their bearing he was left to guess

in freedom’s quest she offered to undress for him

he answered ‘no’ but for de rigueur would say ‘yes’


incoming gnarly waves of fleshy fat

served to sculpture the back of his once fibrous nape

testing the power of broadest shoulders

supported by the torso of a great ape


his shaven, glossy skull, a mirror

as are gaoler’s far and wide

yet his orders were explicit

not there to override


as to the fate of his much-prized prisoner

determined by her impounder’s English employers

swiftly tried, declared the heretic

so adept their artful Shire land lawyers


those one’s who wished she be forgotten

ensured her shameful, untimely demise

come first light to Rouen’s Old Market Square

and by unholy flame to severe her mortal ties


(photo credit, dialydesigninspiration.com)


44 thoughts on “HER LAST NIGHT ON EARTH

    1. 19 years old, subject to a mock trial despite – notwithstanding her lowly background – offering up the most eloquent evidence in her defence as is recorded in ocumentation. Nothing changes.

      1. Well……. we a have a date finally for one. And that is middle of Jan. Just heard just now. Will message you tomorrow . Seriously that pic is amazing. I loved how it is pretty modern take on a tory that has alwasys interested me –in terms of your use of it that is. x

      2. The recorded tale of the defence she put forward at her trial…a defence that would have won out before any honest judges…was both eloquent and intelligent for a 19 year old of peasant stock. Her tale…even to this old atheist…is one of complete injustice. So much for the English…again!

    1. Back then anyone they didn’t like got burned although generally the gals got burned for just about anything. I believe the root of the papal view was born of Eve being the one who tempted Adam with the apple.

  1. Such characters! I’m intrigued by how dismissive the guard was. I wonder what brought these two to this point, and the aftermath of her demise. So much I WANT to learn encircling this poem, and yet I want your magic to hold. Don’t show me the trick!

    1. Crumbs! That’s an interesting take on it Ms Lee. Albeit that I’m an atheist and Joan of Arc was likely my polar opposite and even at just 19 vastly braver than I could ever be, her tale is one of appalling injustice by the English who simply wanted her dead. As you know my key rule in writing is that the gals have to come out on top. Poor Joan didn’t. It was thus I imagined things she might have done on her last night on earth…the gaoler would be integral to that, so I went a bit ‘Ken Russell’ when describing him and the events he might have been witness to. The burning at the stake was the inevitable conclusion I couldn’t avoid, sadly…except in satire where once I had her fashion an escape!

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