gifting small glimmer

to soft-hued quarters

a bleary-eyed sun

has kissed goodnight

a time when reckless

silhouettes oust

unnerved shadows

and horizons are lost

to goodbye’s opaque puzzle

fireflies come out to play

kindling ponderous

fresh lover’s fragile fancy

so sweet l’heure bleue

of crepuscular invention

your world belongs

to a soothing moon

sometimes daring

sometimes sheepish

now and then shining

other times blue

captivating twilight

you are sovereign





    1. If only. She dances far better than me. Just managed 9 hours straight sleep for the first time in 100 years and feel annoyingly normal…could be an interesting day ahead…off for eye test. First though is the question of Lord Zoolon’s claimed useless poltergeist on the loose in the kitchen, a subject he won’t let go of until the matter is resolved; then the small matter of his 10,000 mathematical calculations scribbled upon rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over his domain regarding his new music compositional invention he claims will change the industry forever. Perhaps this day has promise afterall. Have a splendid one yourself Ms S.

      1. Right…Oh dear….. Listen he is very talented, just like his dad. Great voice. Wonderful musician. SO I would worry more re the poltergeist. Just stick it in a pot and put that outside. Seriously we had a poltergeist in our last house. Do NOT laugh. I lost count of the folks who ran outside refusing to come back in cos a pot plant had nearly smacked their head. There was one red haired girl I taught and boy it either did not like her or it wanted her attention, cos the lamps on the wall and piano would shatter or get flung when she came in. Kid you not. I once nearly got lamped wi a lamp myself Had to have it dealt with eventually.

      2. Interesting, although what’s really odd is his claim that the kitchen poltergeist seems to be crap at being a poltergeist…I think he wants to share the tale on his Random Thoughts blogging. I’ve been chuckling for days now and so want to read what he really thinks about it all. Must have been a scary thing for you though. Me? I don’t doubt what you say at all about things flying about…if you saw it then it clearly happened…yet struggle not to seek random or coincidence answers. Shirley has a track record with ghosts and cannot sense one here…if there is one I’ll ask it to tamper with the gas meter and keep the heating bills down. I just went up to see how he’s getting on with his invention. The toilet rolls about the super-hot attic/studio are now multiply as if they are breeding. More sums than you could shake a stick at. Never seen anything like it. While we freeze in any room other than the double radiator little lounge he…and I do feel a tad sorry for him…is dying from risen heat. Not being as prudish as him, if I were working up there I’d be naked!

      3. It was all a most interesting experience, ses she thinking about the time the Christmas decs got yanked on their threads off the window and heaved. Obvi the poor lost soul didn’t like them. .By this time we’d gto so used to it, we all just looked at each other and went on watching the telly. Although alter we did say, ‘ Didoyou see that?’ Some folks reported seeing him. There were no favors regarding bills though. Too bad x

      4. What a tale. You ought to see what the hamsters made of it! Clearly it didn’t invoke fear, but you must have been worried a bit? Maybe a poltergeist (had to spell check that for the 5th time today) could make an appearance in your next book? I feel I need to know more. A romantic poltergeist (6th spell check when I could have copied and pasted)? The scope is endless!

    2. Mike, we bought the house from my sister, who never said a word– at the time. I think the scariest was the few days after we moved in and I was sorting out the siting room when someone touched my arm. I thought it was my then wee Coreen aged the age our grandbaby is now, and I said ‘Mammy’s here doll, what is it? ‘ Not only was there no reply but when I reached to t touch her back there was no-one. After my hair stopped standing on end I actually thought, ‘ where is she?’ We had just moved to this big house so she can’t have vanished. I ran into the hall, then I heard her wee voice from all the way upstairs going, ‘What is it Mamme?’ That was when I knew we were not alone. I eventually said I can live with you if you can live with us Ok? But finally I got a medium after 20 odd years. This was someone unknown to me or any of us but without me saying a word. I actually do not believe in this shit, she told me things people already had. Also, and this sounds like I am bats, you never saw the way the room darkened that day. She would have had to bring a sound and light kit. .He was a first world war soldier. I can even give you his name. and yes he did exist.

      1. Now that is some story. Especially when you’ve got little kids to think about. I would have been at my wits end as I am ridiculous over-protective insofar as kids are concerned. The not knowing is the hardest thing…the am I going mad or is this for real. Strange it was a first world war soldier for I have a remarkable tale of the (even though I still fight not to believe in them i.e. ghosts) of a first world war soldier who once lived on Richmond Hill. I won’t bore you with it now but will get back to you sometime. I shelved it in my mind all those years gone.

    3. You are not boring me, you never do that. So please get back to me. I actually still do have a hard time believing in ghosts despite the fact that living in that house was like living with an extra family member we never saw. We heard, we saw him do things but we never saw him. And like all ‘ghosts’ we were the intruders, not him. That is what he insisted to the medium I got eventually. And we had done things like taking away his room–we didn’t but my sister and her man took away a room right enough– and taking away his chest of drawers. The chest of drawers was mentioned by another woman I knew who was the Sun newspaper psychic. Those who did see him and both these women said he was a WW1 soldier. So there has to be something.

      1. I was telling Shirl about this…her eyes darted, she thought a bit, then confirmed as only a born and bred Celt can, that she’s sure Lord Z is talking bollocks as she senses nothing. It’s been a football day today, still is…yet another game on…so I’ll get back on my own ghostly tale should lager consumption not prove to be an impediment!

      2. Hee hee.. well a woman aye kens her child. Mine came to me separately re the disturbances and yeah I knew they were on about cos I knew But if I’d sensed now I’d have said so.
        By the way. I have always loved that expression ..eyes darted. So much in

    1. Cheers Ms Lee. The Bridge…Scandinavian one with subtitles. Got it last night after much thinking. At last I’ve recalled a modern day adaption detective TV I can report deserving of the title ‘great’. In fact, out of Scandinavia comes the very best detective literature presently. I’m especially thinking Nesbo’s ‘Harry Hole’ books here. At .least I got there in the end!

      1. I read them all a while back. Really good. Whoever translated them…forgotten the name…did a brilliant job. Having followed you writing for awhile I think you will appreciate how he puts his story together.

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