beneath a narcissistic blue moon

a race empty of allusive ingenuity

yet, by dint of narrated tradition

perhaps only the wary Babylonians

could likely fathom an explanation

unravel the superfluous answer

solve the conundrum of life itself

sadly, wise Babylonia is no more

long since buried under Assyrian sands

The Book of Puzzlement with them

not so the riddle of ruthless death

too easy that ho-hum solution

we can shout from the rooftops

callously brag as never previous

for today we fabricate

most excellent bombs

better than yesterday’s

piss poor misfits

and tomorrow?

worthier explosives still

the finesse of cruel wipe-out is ours

any doubters?

ask the children of war

from their eclipsed graves

unblemished resting places

they sing their harrowing song

to those who will listen

72 thoughts on “ASK THE CHILDREN OF WAR

  1. I often think that children have the answer, Mike, if we would but listen to them but we’re too busy bombing and bragging about our might, as you say. When exactly did we stop caring about all children or has it always been so? Our shame is the lack of empathy and compassion. Mea culpa doesn’t begin to cover it.

    1. How the devil are you. Long time no speak…I’ve had wretched troubles on the Reader on some…just a few…blog I like, yours being one of them. This comment will mean a reboot any minute now! Whatever, good to hear from you.

      1. Brexit in the UK trumped by Trump in the US. What a world we live in…the right wing have the centre ground strangled. Boy should you read the message of hate I got today from a Brexit nutter I presume to be somewhat right of centre…didn’t even approve it. I am guessing you block far more of that shit than I generally have to?

      1. Very good. Surely even the dyslexics could managed that one correctly…however, just in case any dyslexics are on this thread please be advised that some of my best friends can’t spell!

  2. Timely words, wise but there will always be war, greed and the power hungry and the innocents will suffer.

    1. This one was important to me after watching the footage on the news as I wrote it. I’ve just watched your proposed new Attorney General getting quizzed live on TV. I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but what a twat…intellectually challenged or what! My apologies in advance if you like him…you know how I am!

      1. I know…what with what’s gone on in both the UK and the US it’s been a truly depressing time. Not for me, I’m irrelevant in that regard, but for the future of the whole planet. I would like nothing better than to be proven hopelessly wrong, it’s just that generally the lessons of history do not tell lies (as has been the case with the victors both side of the pond). Best I go have another chat with Nostradamus!

      2. Yeah, it’s been rather depressing for me as well. I’ve never been so bothered by an election as this one. He scares the hell out of me. I’ve been wearing a shroud of depression and dread since the election.

  3. This goes right through my heart. One warlord is leaving. What is going to happen next?
    Those who have blood of innocent children on their hands – how are they going to explain it to the Universe?

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