Truth Wallpaper 1920x1200

spilt words of detachment

scattered hither and yon

a barking mutt backdrop

a clutter of taxing babble

an unholy mess on the floor

a dire dilemma to live with

even the very best words

left unattended will fade

away and die in no time


passionate her lust for life

putting to shame the rhymers

earthy lust for daily bread

by night nocturnal cures

metaphors, gloves off

fist fights, black eyes

knockout punch glory


a divine thing

his corrupt destitution

he had it coming to him

she clipped his eagle wings

left him spitting feathers

helpless, set in stone

later she vacuumed up

concepts and promises

kissed his glacial lips

dusted his better day’s desk

smiled her luscious smile

replaced his missing words

with ones, better than before


32 thoughts on “SPILT WORDS

    1. I say this in a good way, namely that I am glad (glad is plainly not the correct word) to hear that even the best poet in or outside of a blog struggles from time to time. However, I am fully aware that when the words flow your will be magnificent…for the reason they always are magnificent.

  1. Mike , l love this poem, somehow “confessional”, eloquent as always, your corresponding image perfect. Have a great day young man.

    1. Ms S…the very mention of coffee brings tears to my eyes. After months of not drinking the stuff I was, earlier this week on the one half decent day tempted a cup of proper coffee in an Italian café I know. Still the curse afflicts me…it tasted bloody brilliant though!

  2. Mmm, yes, this. I think you’ve captured much of this life, language spilt like a preschooler’s coffee. (Yes, my son Bash still likes his morning cup, too. Takes after his mum 🙂 And in all the luscious imagery I feel a hope in the partnership. As you well know, that’s something I’m coming to terms with in these parts, too. xxxx

    1. We fight like cat and dog…always have done. Luckily, it’s over and done with in an instant. Years ago having a major row we were throwing insults at each other aplenty that were getting worse with each layer of the row. Then one of us…forgotten who…said something so vile we both burst out laughing. We use this technique to this very day.

  3. Ooh, this has a reference (in my mind ) to the expression of “no crying over spilt milk.” This was superbly poetic with skeleton of carefully placed words telling quite a story, Mike. Smiles, Robin

    1. A mere reflection of my mood and the manner in which my dear wife superglues my head back together. If the truth be told I’m not sure what I’d do without her…it helps that’s she’s much cleverer than me.

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