in the wave of epic final conflict

sickly tampering’s upon a jilted

freshest flat Shangri-La globe

an unravelling of continuation

clock hands turnabout motion

past landscapes of silvery ice

telescopes for a crescent sun

widows wanton funeral veils

days of mead and dandelion

carved idols and fabrications

adoration of rusting spaceships

fallen monuments, flaming moss

whirlwinds of enduring plastic

Ronald McDonalds death mask grin

petrol pump smiles for progeny

tattered flags, forgotten anthems

hauntings, the sound of drums

biography by word of mouth

legend’s falsities born of fancy

flint sparked fires, death in winter

raw red meat in stormy seasons

alpha Adam’s for unready Eve’s

virgin offerings for novel numen

no more ravens at The Tower

43 thoughts on “NO MORE RAVENS

      1. This overreaching order of Trump has even the NBA baffled…what to do about their players from Muslim countries. If they leave here will they not be able to return…I wonder if Trump and his gang of thugs ever think anything out before shooting from the hip.

      2. I am watching from afar. When Brexit take holds and the UK has to send the ‘outsiders’ ‘home’ it’ll be the same here. Yours, Depressed of Dover

      3. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting of your prime minister and Trump…she does know he is insane right?

      4. She is but a beggar clutching at straws. I fear that should he visit England our Far Left (I am Bernie left, not far left) will riot as only the English can. Shame upon us, and not good. It’s all going horribly wrong.

    1. My mood is bleak presently. Hamlet is…as your pertinent (skilfully, as ever)…accurate comment compares, yet plainly I am not worthy. Whilst I don’t rate Bill, he’s a million, trillion times better than me. Notwithstanding, what a kind thing to say…thank you Ms Lee.

  1. Superb, Mike. Transportation to a dystopic future that I fear is too close to the truth to be enjoyed as much as I would if it were an excerpt from a novel. Some other wings are needing clipped.
    As a slight aside, do you know how normalisation might occur? You watch and listen in disbelief then start thinking, ‘Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the nutjob. Maybe they have more vision than I’m giving them credit for. Maybe I’m a closet pessimist.’
    Except, I’m no pessimist. An idealist too often. But a realistic one. I listen and watch what’s occurring all over and cannot enter their fantasy voyage down the rabbit hole, as KC described. Thank God for words and visions such as yours that, while being terrifying, reassure that others have not succumbed to the hallucinogenic euphoria of self-sabotage. They be the nutjobs! Of this I’m fairly certain. Unless it’s us that’s on the wacky baccy!

    1. This will definitely have you believing I’m off my head, yet I think the universe and everything in it (us included) has a negative and a positive, like a magnet…good and evil, normal and abnormal etc. all in equal measure, though there are periods within ‘time’ when one of the polar opposites gets to flex a bit of muscle. The sad thing is that ‘time’ knows no duration, thus the muscle flexing of those of limited capacity, yet great ferocity holds sway presently and likely will for a good while yet…pass me the carving knife, dear Shirl…I am minded to open a vein!

      1. Not a daft way of perceiving the workings of the universe at all, Mike. I’m quite big on positivity as a means of overcoming the negative in life. Not just as a mindset but as an active stance in living life. There might very well be something in it.

      2. You and I both then! Positivity is what’s keeping me going right now. A much safer place than drowning in the negative. Onwards and upwards to the light. I can see it from here. 😉

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