(regarding the legend behind female figureheads on ships) under the fraudulent cover of a soporific oh, so slender decresent moon a harem of brazenly snooping sparkling stars affording sufficient glow the small craft makes light work of glinting, inconsequential ripples carrying she of captivating looks and charming demeanour away surrendering the hustle and bustle of … More SHAMING THE STORMY SEAS


The uninvited weasel, occupying appropriated lodgings had had better days. Certainly, none worse. So much for the mouth-watering anticipation of red light potential and the sheer delight snapshots of ‘spring again’ tulips would bring to loved ones back home. Deathly quiet within four walls, yet in the street below the sissing of cyclists, the chitter-chatter … More APT REVENGE


Originally posted on Zoolon:
I was sat in the back of a car stuck in an unreal queue, waiting. I was able to borrow a pen and paper to help kill the boredom, kill the time. I wrote down some random words as they came into my head. It’s a thing I often do. Sometimes…


here I have no tag of stereotype here I am unique, here I am locked-in here, within the lemon sandstone walls of a timeworn, breathless Moorish fortification I live a little, dream a lot, suffer, eat, wash and shit He was looking out through the barred window, elbows upon sill, crossed fingers supporting his chin, … More BLASÉ INDIFFERENCE