“Oi Len, fancy a quick one at The Chelsea?”

“What do you mean Svetlana, a swift libation?”

“No me old fruit bat I was more thinking both.”

“Fine…why not, I’m up for that.”

 “Anyhow Lennie boy, you got any new songs you can belt out for me in your own indomitable style by way of a serenade as a prelude to my seduction?”

“Can’t say as how I have presently, luv. Me mind refuses to wander creatively anymore.”

“You’re having a laugh surely?”

“No Svet, it’s the honest truth. I’m bolloxed in that regard at the moment. Even now whilst your otherwise engaged abandoning your kit in a manner most tantalising, my creative juices fail me. I must admit I’m getting a tad worried about it if the truth be told.”

“Well Lenny, if you care to cast your gazers over here I’ll lay odds you’ll feel inspired, you old rascal you?”

“No nothing at all. Even the vision of your heavenly naked naughty bits fails to provoke the onset of the old inspirational process. Not a word in my head nor, just as worrying, a firming in my parts for that matter. What a to-do!”

“I’m sure I can sort you out on the latter…have no fear! Changing the subject, you still seeing that Suzanne bird back in Montreal?”

“Yeah, she quite often takes me down to her place near the river, I can hear the boats go by, she even lets me spend the night beside her, and notwithstanding that, I know that she’s half crazy, if the truth be told that’s why I want to be there, and… you’ll never believe this bit Svet…she even feeds me tea and oranges that come all the way from China, no less!  Still, all this chat about Suzanne is getting me nowhere…I just got to find some words for an epic, signature song that will stand the test of time from somewhere.” 

“Best I get dressed then…we’ll pootle off down The Chelsea.”

“Yes, good plan Svet, for I want to travel with you, I want to travel blind, and you clearly think you maybe can trust me, for I’ve touched your perfect body with me mind…botheration, I’m off on a tangent again…when, oh when will the words start to flow!”


I must add here that the recently deceased Leonard Cohen was a true genius. I have his entire collection of music, poetry and biographies. I still remember the first time, all those years gone, that I heard his song, ‘Suzanne’. A love song like no other. If you have never heard it, here it is.









    1. Terrible gal, that Svet…trouble is her middle name. If the truth be told the gal in the snap is actually from Rumania. I understand it was his birthday and it seems she decided to be his gift! Stuff like that never happens to me. How are you and your new books coming along?

      1. She ees shockeeng. Lucky heem eh? But you have Sheerl. I am dement4ed finishing these edits Mike, It is just getting a clear run at things and of course I did change the story line in the middle and it has left a lot of mopping up xxxxx

      2. Best I leave you alone then…you sound like you’re nearly there so stay off the social media…crikey, here’s hopeless me giving advice…that’s a first! Seriously, best of luck in your endeavours.

      1. Well, I started to lose the will over these ones. I think cos it was Christmas and I like to do nowt over Christmas and they should have been done and dusted long before then. Then we were getting things like the new floor. that was two days gone cos obvi we helped Colin by shifting furniture, lugging planks, clearing up boxes etc I just could NOT get near the edits in a meaningful way. Like that you change one bit. and then you have to change everything behind it… AHHHHH

      2. You see, that proves my point…determination. You must have it in shedloads. Me? I’ve finished (completely finished) a half decent book of ‘almost poetry’ but haven’t got my act together on the artwork etc. Then there’s the proper book. I wrote masses over Christmas and just after, some good stuff, some for the sake of not losing the story in my head. I leave it a week or so and now know I’ve got to read the whole bloody thing back just to recall what I wrote before…and I’ve not even got dementia yet! Anyway, I wait in anticipation of you report to the world that success is yours; all is well.

    2. You have made my day Mike cos there have been times I just put my head on the desk here and hit it hard. Now you will get that next book out there. This is just that kind of time of year. I know we make all these resolutions but they vanish in the cold light…. period x

      1. I’m still fighting the fight. I’ll take a bit of time off the blog again soon. I get so much more done when I give blogging a rest. I know some of the book is OK; that it’s progressed miles over Christmas but I can’t seem to leave the not OK bits as they are before moving on to a conclusion. I’ve come to think it’s just the way I’m made.

      2. Well, don’t sweat that, we all have our ways of doing things. Sometimes if you leave it alone then you go back and you can pick it up ok and se what you feel needs sorted.

      1. I think the album is one where it’s author, said Leonard knew death was so very close. It is a reflection of life ending. Oh for I minute quantity of his gift with words.

    1. Cheers. I am a Cohen bore. He was exceptional. If I had to choose, the song in the form of a letter, Famous Blue Raincoat is the track I’d take to a dessert island.

      1. Anyone who loves Cohen is by no means a bore. The man spoke volumes. I have to say I’d have a hard time deciding which to take with me. Hallelujah has always held a special place, but not sure if it’s the one I’d pick.

      2. In truth there are so many songs of his that hold a place in my heart. The more I read as to the meanings or tales behind his songs, the better the songs become. In that regard, Dance Me To The End Of Love which is about The Holocaust & Sisters Of Mercy regarding two young gals just arrived in New York with no place to stay he chanced upon, are fine examples. Have the most splendid day.

  1. Tip of the hat to Leonard. Well interspersed. On my blog, next one, I recorded So Long Marianne, also from that first album. It’s such a fine song. Cheers!

    1. A most beautiful song indeed. If you didn’t know already, Marianne died only a short time before he did. He had a message for her, saying, ‘I won’t be far behind you’…and he wasn’t!

      1. Yeah, I’ve been reading about him recently. Until recently, I hadn’t listened to him much other than the first album.

      1. A little innocent fun. I rate Leonard Cohen above them all…well, him and Joni Mitchell, the gal who opened the door to a galaxy of female songwriters.

  2. I’ve always liked that song, though I had a friend named Suzanne who hated it.
    I wonder is Svetlana a recurring muse of yours, as well as Cohen’s? I seem to remember her being mentioned before…

    1. Well young Ms Carolee, Svet is a long standing joke within the family. Originally she was a waitress in a restaurant my dear wife and I frequented. Her Eastern European accent and demeanour caused my eyes to wander (nothing more, I stress)…it’s just that Shirl and I still roll play Svet sometimes…she, my wife that is, picks up on accents really well! Just a bit of fun, as she mocks me.

    1. ‘Template writing’ is all that these are about really. Be it a poem, a song, a novel…so long as there is a great opening line with a crucial last word then it becomes ripe for a bit of satire. The author research takes a lot longer than the writing on these sort of posts. Hope you’ve not lost the wedding ring…what with it being a Sunday?

      1. Dear Ms Lee…surely you haven’t turned to crime now? The wedding ring pales into significance. Running about an old mansion, avoiding the police, no doubt. I fear for you.

      2. So when I say, ‘What were you doing on the morning of the 5th Feb’, your defence is studying local history…it’ll never stand up in court.

      3. I could be Captain Hastings and miss all the clues…the case will never be solved and you’ll et off scot-free…I haven’t used that phrase for years.

  3. I’m sure the young Leonardo would have enjoyed this a lot – saw him many times, met him a few in the oddest places (taking a Greyhound bus for instance – big star on the Greyhound you know), autographing one of his books from the remaindered bin in a used book store, etc etc

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