I’m biased I know, yet I like this post from my son, George (aka Zoolon Audio) a great deal.



I was sat in the back of a car stuck in an unreal queue, waiting. I was able to borrow a pen and paper to help kill the boredom, kill the time. I wrote down some random words as they came into my head. It’s a thing I often do. Sometimes a song appears. When the traffic started moving again I put the scribbled bit of paper in my back pocket and forgot about it. I was emptying my pockets today and found it.  I could barely read what I’d written. My handwriting is not good and you don’t get a spellcheck with notepaper. My brain had to be my interpreter. It wasn’t the gig it wanted but helped anyway.

I thought, for now, I’d leave the words as they are and go back to them sometime. You never know. There is a theme begging to get out, but for…

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27 thoughts on “RANDOM WORDS OF ZOOLON

      1. Love that Mike…. Hold that thought and that pride really. I reckon as parents go, we have all bloody been there but you say it brilliantly xxxx (Nae doot wi-oot meaning tae x)

      2. And I guess we’ll all be there a few more times before the game plays out. It’s not a bad game all things told, Ms S. As of now, off to the council tip in dense fog…what fun!

      1. Actually I am so laughing at that word ‘Cooncil’, cos the main one I hear calling it that here is this Cockney guy who we used to live along the road from in Newport. He has lived up here for years and his accent is as thick as it was the day he arrived but that is one word he has picked up.

      2. You know what Ms S, I shall have to decide which Scottish word I would own if I were he…I’ve got one, yet can’t spell it in your native dialect. It is thus I won’t mention it again until I meet my Glaswegian chum down the café.

      1. So very true. I watched, as my metred water bill rose, as he washed his car the other day. 90 minutes to wash a car! When questioned, ‘Oh, I was somewhere else, sorry’.

      2. Then there was the incident with the wasp. If he allows it I shall post that poem of ‘the incident with the wasp’ and possibly ‘the matter of the recycling’.

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