come fading glow, vampire bats crisscross a ripe moon

silvered chimney smoke outpaces the silly, chilly moths

rushing ever upwards chasing heaven sent white light

a befitting sight worthy of the promise magic bestows

upon an otherworldly place few beings know exists

midsummer day’s spawning of the briefest obscurity

so stingy the gratuity of darkness’s deepest pockets

leaving just wafer-thin messages for the abandoned

subdued tidings of those condemned to life in limbo

no time or place for squirreled away final goodbyes

solemnized in melancholy words begging guidance

a hint of urgency shrouded back-of cautious tongues

a flock of lost sheep favouring tarmac over lush grass

time has no mercy, offers no favours when on the tail

of a sleepy sun, hell-bent on tucking itself safe and warm

beneath horizons snug blanket of guarded hallucination

a stark moorland tumour, a misshapen granite hideaway

bad luck, curiosity or wanton kidnap lead to such a place

last rock of Celtic fascination under Aurora’s frigid border

all that is left, an easy birthing of street life’s pornography

she, in trademark denim dungarees, her hair a loose mop of

ebony locks, knots and scarlet ribbons, adrift yet still alive

immune to antics privacy gifts those sat smug behind doors

spitting two-faced grunts and groans to breakneck applause



    1. Jim Reeves! There’s a rave from the grave. I was looking for surreal images reflecting nature getting on with nature and humanity showing an indifference to all things, as only humanity can.

  1. so much of human nature to incite pessimism – I feel it in my bones – moreso than ever before in my life – feeling useless to cope with it – this poem – oh this poem – would that I could write like this and die a happier man

    1. Kind words, Paul, yet never overlook…and I say this with no tedious false praise…you are, objectively, the finest living poet, and a bloody sight better than some of the dead ones.

      1. I’m a comma freak myself, and nothing thrills me more than a timely semi-colon; but even though it would make a nonsense of the syntax, I still think this piece would work really well without any punctuation at all. But that’s just me . . . [Always partial to a nicely spaced ellipsis, too.]

  2. “a flock of lost sheep favouring tarmac over lush grass”

    Estas letras me conmovieron!
    se aplica a la vida y penosamente a las prioridades
    de las personas por otras personas.
    Cuando ese sentimiento florece como una duda, y se convierte en una forma de vida, una costumbre….

    todo muere!


    1. Sorry to take so long in replying, Danica. My true and sincere thanks for thinking of me. The things is, I don’t do awards for no other reason than I feel they should go to the deserving. Having said that, again, my thanks.

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