Our Eden a concrete postage stamp

Back of a Victorian two up, two down

No wily snake, no apple orchards temptations

Just dog biscuits and an old mongrel hound


A pissed off landlord served an eviction notice

Chucked us both out onto untamed streets

That first freezing night we became homeless

We used mouldy cardboard boxes instead of clean sheets


Yet life means nothing without reinvention

And I was an artist and in wheeler-dealing quite shrewd

So, I whisked you off to The City of Love

And for the next twenty years I painted you nude


You were my muse and had a body to die for

My oil paintings of you became all the rage

In your spare time for fun and pocket money

At the Folies Bergère you chose to dance naked on stage


As of now we are both rolling in money

We have become living legends and fulfilled all of our dreams

The polar opposite of when we shared a scabby Eden

In an old slum falling apart at the seams


These days in the glossy magazines and on the TV

They tell tall tales of our au naturel Bohemian life

The paparazzi are having a field day

Taking covert snaps of me and my lovely ‘trouble & strife’


Just yesterday on the beach in St Tropez

We were photographed together in the buff

Next day’s caption in the raunchy tabloids it read

The artist’s porked up a tad, but his missus is still red hot stuff!

40 thoughts on “MY ‘TROUBLE & STRIFE’

  1. Mike, this is brill. I was giggling at the image to start with thinking yeah what a sorry life this guy has. Anyway, I love the whole way you capture a life here, in simple rolling terms BUT with enough gorgeous imagery and adjectives thrown in. Wonderful piece x

    1. Thanks, Ms S. It dawned on me that I’d not done a ‘silly’ verse in an age. Such fun to write! She is a rather lovely gal and is now my desktop background!

  2. A dream come true I have always wanted to to live ” au naturel “. This gent has hitched his wagon to a star, however naked it may be. Delightful tale Mike. 🙂

    1. Cheers. I share your view re all things ‘au natural’. The drawback is, of course, the English weather…when it’s not raining, it’s freezing cold!

    1. Cheers, young Leslie. ‘Tis a strange thing how the English language travels. ‘Topped’ myself in these parts is indicative of one who’s commited suicide! You will thus understand your comment was the best of the day and it ensured I had a good laugh!

  3. It was very amusing and yet, some of life’s challenges included. It has been awhile since I read your posts.
    Yikes and apologies, Mike! Take it easy. . .
    Smiles, Robin

  4. The ending made me snort, but the first line’s my favorite–such a brilliant clash of images and sensations all in half a dozen words. Your word-ties never cease to wow me. xxxxx

    1. For Eden to be Eden, shouldn’t it always be a metaphor whether a believer or, like me, an atheist? ‘A concrete postage stamp’ as you rightly observe Ms Lee, was in truth the only half decent line in this piece. It doesn’t surprise me you picked up on that because you are a clever gal.

      1. Oh pish, many lovely lines abound. But there’s something about Eden, always pictured as lush, comfort, sweet perfection, being equated with “concrete,” the antithesis of comfort or lushness, and “postage stamp,” the antithesis of paradise if I’ve ever heard one. You really blew my mind with this one.

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