Back in June this year I posted the woeful tale of the evening in France when I managed to trip over a plastic waste bin and subsequently land face first on an unforgiving granite stone floor injuring my left eye in the process. I shall refrain from posting the wretched photographs of my own demise on this occasion, and substitute one of our ‘Enery versus the then Cassius Clay from back in 1966 from the night ‘Enry’s ‘Ammer failed him. There are similarities twixt ‘Enery’s visage and mine, although he, unlike me, fought a courageous battle for his wounds. Even in defeat ‘Enery was significantly a greater, braver being than I am, or ever will be.

Boxing - Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay 50 Year Package

The issue I am ‘faced’ with is perhaps one born of my own stupidity. Basically, I feel I need to give the eye a complete rest, as presently all I can see out of it is a fog akin to a London peasouper from days of yore.  The net result is that the right eye is now getting miffed at working a double shift for no extra pay.

Typing, reading and such like are problematical currently. It is for the best that I take this proposed break forthwith and return with a full set of faculties. The only alternative is to purchase an eyepatch and a parrot!

I hope to see you all sooner rather than later.



91 thoughts on “A BREAK FROM BLOGGING

      1. Hit my follow button again. Maybe I should go back tou widgets and make sure I sm set up to be
        in the reader! Didn’t know I had to do amything special but who knows?

    1. Cheers Ms S. I must apolgize for taking an age to reply. A few floating around enjoying themselves money spiders still persist, yet stuff it. It’s cold outside, I’m bored out of my mind and soon…any time now…I’ll be back lowering the standards. By the way, it’s taken an age, but these last few days since being able to focus once more I’ve finished what I was writing. Job done! It may be rubbish but it’s my rubbish! I hope all is good in Scotland.

      1. Know what? If you have finished then that is great. It doesn’t matter what actual state anything is in at this point, so long as you have these words, The End. I am good. Glad to see you back. Missed you, you know x

      2. My dear wife has just rid the piece of 273 unnecessary commas and correct a few dozen spelling mistakes (strange as I edited it myself so many times). As they say in Devon, ‘job done’!

      3. One should never proof one’s own work Mike cos the eye has been on it. Hell you got no idea of the amount of errors I come across cos we have to proof our work now there’s cutbacks everywhere. But job done. Job done x

    1. Cheers young Carolee Croft. I spotted a rather nice glass eye (like a mint green marble) with a certain panache yet dear Shirl said I wasn’t allowed it as I can just about see again…a cruel, sometimes heartless woman!

      1. Thank you Mike, all is well. I am so glad you are getting better. But please don’t overdo. You have a representative of your family here on WordPress, and we can always get updates 🙂

    1. Sorry to take an age replying. I’m as normal as I’ll ever be and looking forward to reading your blog again very soon. I never could afford the parrot…had to settle for a sparrow. It’s not the same though!

    1. Ah, young lady. Sorry to take this long replying. I do believe I can more or less see now. I never did find an eyepatch with panache to cherish. I’ll be up and running any time now. Are things alright with you? I’ve a lot of catching up to do.

    1. My thanks Ann Clare for your kind words. Armed with a toothpick to type with and a telescope to see through all I need to do is chase a few mad words and the blog will be live once more.

      1. Hooray! (Well, except for the necessity of toothpick and telescope- but it IS good to hear that you’re doing well enough to come back online 🙂 )

    1. Ms Lee, sorry it has taken so long to reply. I’ve made friends with the little money spiders who race each other across the eye, yet can at least see out of it. I shal return any minute. How are you?

      1. It’s a bit of a struggle these days, but I’m doing my damndest not to let depression weigh me down. I do hope those money spiders go on holiday or something sometime soon. Is fall treating your family well?

    1. Cheers. I think I’m almost there. The odd money spider still creeps across the eye unannouced, yet I am able to type and look at the screen again, whereas I’ve never been able to chew gum and walk at the same time.

  1. I hope you’re doing well out there. Not the same here without you. I think I’ll dig in your blog and find your older posts I haven’t read. Take care! I hope you are healing up–

  2. I suppose my timing is right, considering you’ve been on a break, Mike. I hope your eye is better, but I couldn’t help but smile while reading this post, Did you get the patch and parrot? 🙂

  3. Hope your eye healed, I did see you back once again. I tried to catch up a bit, so sorry not possible! Mike, I have had glaucoma surgery on both eyes and cataract on one. Only 62, hope I can be able to see later in life. . . hugs xo 💐

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