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In the early hours, around the time of the summer solstice of 2016 the torturous drip, drip, drip of a blocked guttering woke me up from a zonked-out nightmare.  I found myself contemplating the fact that for reasons unclear I was bored beyond measure.  I’d previously written a couple of books of what I had named ‘Almost Poetry’ but ‘what next?’   It was then I took the puzzling decision to take a stellar leap and attempt to write a book of rum fiction.  ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’, for my sins, is the result of my uneasy endeavours.

In order to explain what the book is all about herewith the ‘blurb’ in the form of a short video produced by my musician son, Zoolon (aka George);

Should it interest, both Paperback and Kindle versions are available from Amazon UK, US and also many of those wonderful lands far beyond.

Click here for the link to the Amazon UK page;

Click here for the link to the Amazon US page;



Part espionage thriller, part romance, part fantasy, part adventure, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’ is Mike Steeden’s first novel. Spanning the lead up to WW2, the war itself and into the early 1950’s the unnamed heroine of the piece, a bewitching albino of Bohemian bent, masquerades in all manner of risqué guises dishing out her own version of clandestine justice to those evils souls spawned of conflict’s disregard for compassion, law and order. Additionally, she also finds herself nursing her lover, a giant of an Englishman once in the employ of MI5, back to a semblance of his former self following his torture at the hands of Cold War Soviets that had left him deaf, mute and blind. Her task is made a little easier with the help an Eastern European girl she befriended in bizarre circumstance. 

Together the trio of ‘notoriously naked flames’ take on life in all its demonstrative disguises while the racy heroine keeps under wraps the tale of her otherworldly evolution for were it to become known to the public at large it might just invalidate religion as we know it and bring forth a new Dark Age. Can she keep safe her secret?

nnf back cover master

Additionally, my thanks to Ted Giffin, Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University, the Herron School of Art for his sublime front and back cover art. Ted can be found at

Also to the lovely Rachel Carrera for all she has done including adding her own take upon the book art adaptions and without whom I would get nothing done

And to Zoolon (aka George) for the promotional video, as well as the musical extract from his new composition ‘Prohibition’ he kindly took time out to produce at &


  1. How brilliant is that, and its lovely to see all the help you are getting from friends and family. I will purchase the book ( of course ) but for now I can certainly say the cover is arresting and grabs my attention much more readily than Man U are doing on current form!

    1. Cheers Peter. As an unaccomplished old fool any and all help is more than welcome. The one thing I would say about Man U this season is that your manager…as was predictable I suppose…has stopped the leakage of goals and you can’t put a price on that. I can be a tad jolly this pm as we’ve slipped past Spurs in the table. Deepest joy!

      1. Unfortunately, he irritates me so much as a man on account of his bleating and self-importance that I find it very hard to admire him in any way but let us not let that take away from your triumph which I will celebrate in the traditional manner on your behalf sometime later in the evening 🙂

      2. He’s not a chap one easily takes to, although from some years back – early days at Stamford Bridge – I know an African lady who worked as an interpreter for him and she says he is the consummate gentleman. Plainly a man of contradictions!

  2. what an exciting piece of news to wake up to – congratulations on successfully extending your prodigious talents into another new genre – I just purchased my copy and can’t wait to dig into it

    1. My thanks Ms S. Your sound advice throughout is a thing not forgotten and is appreciated more than words can say. As to the music I got to hear the whole piece today and loved it.

    1. Thank you Anne Clare. Over the last 14 months or so I have been testing the water by way of posting cameo’s of what would be content. I’m so pleased you’ve been following and must thank you again.

  3. Congrats, Mike, and how enticing is the cover art. I wish you much success in this new endeavor and look forward to adding your book to my home library. 🙂 Also, it’s great to find out that Zoolon is your son. I’m a new follower of his and have enjoyed his talent, as well.

    1. My thanks, Lauren. Truly appreciated. The cover art by Ted Giggin (also a WP blogger) depicts a scene from the book when the gals – the gals I write about always ‘win’ in the end, it’s one of rules when writing – are in an hotel in Istanbul.

      1. Glad to hear it, Mike. I would like to adopt your motto and have all the gals win in my books too, but there are some rather evil, vicious ones who don’t end up winning.
        Anyways, I’m so glad you completed the novel of your nameless assassin and did it your way. I know you like to complain about how hard it is to write them, but your next one will be so much easier 😉

      2. Truly, I don’t think I’ll ever have your gift…for that is what it is. How does the song go, ‘I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon’. There are days and days when writing when I’m stuck with the crescent. Maybe that’s the difference twixt someone writing poetry as opposed to one who is an author. Hopefully, when I have a second stab it will not take me as long, yet I fear it might!

  4. I can congratulate you enough, Master Steeden, for this feat of fiction. You have created something beautiful and passionate–yes, I know that before the book can even touch my hands. Why? Because all that you have written here tells me so. xxxxxx

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