nnf4(artwork by Ted Giffin) 

A fragment from within my new book, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’. This piece is taken from near the beginning of the tale. The picture above, by artist Ted Giffin (www.tedgiffin.com) captures perfectly the look of my heroine as I perceived her. 


She examines her defenceless giant searchingly as he bathes. He, the one who is a portrayal of rare full-fledged innocence, and wonders if the macrocosm inside his head replicates the one outside of hers. She hopes against hope that locked within exists a rainbow’s multi-coloured arc, or is all this lost upon the extraordinary self, empty of speech, hearing and sight, unaware that gesture is the only language he bestows. Touch and smell his native inside-out lone connection.

She communicates as best she can. Upon his awakening, she is always there. Her ‘hello of sorts’ a lover’s tangled tongue kiss.  No passion though, they are no longer the passing lovers they once were. More that the sharing of her unique taste serves to let him perceive her, recognize her. Always has him gift a beaming smile just for her. She wears the self-same perfume each new day also, it helps him identify her proximity.

With no great difficulty she aids him out of the bath, warm towels, warm heart care. Time for drying and dressing, though the palaver of dressing irks him, induces a frown. Regardless he is immune to nakedness within his ambushed consciousness, his curious dominion.  Not for him the embarrassment of the earthly collective.

The sun shone the day before.  Albeit keeping a caring eye open, she chose to let him wander the lawn, uncovered.  From nowhere a summer storm brewed, small hailstones. She watched as he held out his palms, threw his head back, greeted the spheres of water ice, an air of amazement, no suffering.

The eternal ‘what next’ frustrates her day; muddles her mood.  She undresses, calculates he may have no recollection that human beings come in two packages.  Her hands upon his chest, fingers spread wide, sensation of touch inviting.  Invitation accepted, he mirrors her actions, stroke for stroke, his look curious, questioning, captivated.  No folly in innocent exploration.

A telephone outside of his realm rings. Might be important, she pulls away. Notices he sheds a single loaded tear, from which continent of emotion it heralds, likely she will never unearth.

He has been this way ever since she rescued him.

Notoriously Naked Flames from Mike Steeden on Vimeo.

Should it interest, both Paperback and Kindle versions are available from Amazon UK, US and also many of those wonderful lands far beyond. The link to the pages;

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nnf book back and front master


42 thoughts on “EARLY SUMMER 1952 – SUSSEX, ENGLAND

      1. Having a cold and feeling bad when the weather also is cold is a real pain. You have my sympathy…and yes WP has been playing up again. I had a couple of days this week when my Reader would only scroll down over 10-12 posts, then it simply froze!

      2. I find it is ok in Google Chrome. But google chrome does not load good on this Pc. But yep, the reader just stops, I have sometimes not been able to leave likes and it is not aye taking my comments.

      3. Snap. I forgot about the lost comments, although I found at certain times of the day you could successfully comment; not a others. I’ve only got the free site, yet G has the paid-up proper job and he too was pissed off. I think he might have complained. I’ll check with him to see what any response was.

  1. This excerpt alone takes me to the edge of tears. The love almost, *almost* has a touch of hopelessness, and yet not: there’s a power between their connection that time and consequence can’t alter. Beautiful, Master Steeden, always beautiful. xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. My sincere thanks, Ms Lee. The bit I particulary enjoyed when writing this book was the interaction twixt the couple (writing it part third person; part first – I know that breaks all the recommended rules of writing – helped in that regard), also the research and the writing up of locations trying to capture their essence, where the adventures took place. The parts where the action/adventures evolved was an alien thing I had to learn on the hoof – more so as the couple were, as the title calls then, ‘notoriously naked flames’. Before I commenced this project I had this idea that ‘naked flames’ rather than fully clothed ‘flames’ would give my take a surreal touch – plus it gave the book a Bohemian stance that fitted the era just lost as WW2 kicked off.

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