owl surreal

 “Let the magpies wish be sacrosanct

no blindfold, what good his eyes now?”

Nailed naked to a replica awaiting dissolution

no green hill without a city wall for the sorry


Disheartening witnesses all things considered

picnicking ancestors, a tetrad of smirking nuns

day-trippers Nikon and iPhone armed, and the usual suspects


Pinned up high he catches her, front of crowd

she blows him a kiss, throws him the Judas smile

this promiscuous one who has no special favourites

just exclusive favours, silk stockings and a sparkle


He always heard chatter when she played the cello

Vivaldi and snug sex, hackneyed moonlight and

defenceless mattress perfection, la petite mort unending

‘Something in the way she left’ his fleeting roughly plagiaristic take

a billion mosquitoes and itchy fading recollections small comfort

sticky drizzle the wipers hate compliment his unrobed blues

slipping in and out of here and there


Letters of love, hate and conspiracy

best penned atop a dim lit corner table

She lights his candle, serves his drinks

knows just when to leave him well alone


Blood and blotting paper, his fine art restrained death dance

aesthetically ripe for sensory study is all he has become or will become

he was too easily defeated, only child, china jaw, couldn’t parry the punches

Suicide kerbside would be a better fate, too late notions meander…

“The owl…yes the owl, she would have spoken in my defence”


“The owl and her skateboard took to town

On a half decent winters day

Only the unfeigned one noticed the bird

The Emperor’s custodians all looked away”


(A ‘rave from the grave’ as words are running away before I can catch them presently)

Regardless, below a re-run of a 1-minute slide-show I put together in an attempt to capture the mood of my book, Notoriously Naked Flames.

The Kindle Unlimited edition is FREE wherever you might live presently. All one needs is my name, and/or the book title, go into Amazon and ‘bingo’, job done! Also, there is a picture link right hand side of this page for anyone in the UK who might be interested.


    1. Sorry to take so long in replying, Ms S. I think my brain is frozen, as is my creativity (such as it is). I hate it when there are no words. It’s that cold down in these parts that they’ve been laying men off at the brass foundry!

      1. Don’t ask, although I suspect a lady who writes to the smexy genre can take a fine guess…not that the chaps at the foundry are much to write home about!

    1. My thanks, Carolee. I’m a little drained of words presently, hence the re-run of an oldie. It is merely a brief tale from a time long ago when life wasn’t that smooth. All has been well for years, I’m lucky. By the way, your new book I pre-ordered download arrived. My only setback is that I’ve misplaced my tablet. It’s in the house somewhere. You might be interested to know that within 24 hours of Amazon emailing me with the download, they asked me to post a review! Quick off the mark. Rest assured though, you will get a review.

    1. An old poem, yet one I’m pleased gets your seal of approval. A self-indulgent collection of words reflecting an event in my life a long time ago. I rarely write about ‘me, me, me’ subject matter. Anyway, how the devil are you? Near completion with your own words?

      1. Ooooooh man, I just be barely gettin’ started, says I on yet another Nyquil hangover. Ugh, this Nyquil. I’m thankful, because I’m not hacking in the night, but it takes, like, ten hours, to sleep Nyquil off, and I’m only getting half that, so my early morning is always this heavily fogged, groggy affair. Gah!

  1. I love this, Mike! Not sure if I read it the first time, but it reads fresh for me. Really great stufff –and worth a re-read.
    I hope you find your words soon, I know how frustrating that is.
    They could be just hanging out in the kitchen cabinets.

    1. My thanks and more important my apologies. I’ve not deliberatly been ignoring your fine musings. Even when I put a WP search for you as Pleasant Street, Are You Thrilled in any logical combinations you don’t come up. It’s insane. I’m hoping the link from your comment here will enable me to reach where your blog lives! That aside, I trust you are keeping well.

      1. The link actually works. I must be sure to get the others I find WP (including my son and some more favourite bloggers) won’t allow me to access. It seems I have some reading to do over the weekend! My thanks for said link. I have to add, this is the coldest UK winter since the old King died.

      2. I go to photography and gardening blogs in the UK and I am always envious of your early springs. I am near Chicago, so I am tired of the cold but I suppose in a way I am conditioned to it by now. Stay warm!

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