1933 La Boule Rouge o Composition Surrealiste

Long since she had set aside time for reflection. Reminders of days gone by. Important? Most likely. A habit, certainly. Regardless, instinct told her that lessons learned shaped new dawns.

Contemplation invariably led her toward an unremitting trinity of memories. Of those times when she stood quizzical, gawping, mouth wide open at a single, curiously forbidden apple tree in blossom wondering ‘Why?’

Those times when visiting the ramshackle bus shelter outside of a bankrupt zoological park where a solitary creative waggish serpent could not but help himself to enchant by way of mesmerizing hymn.

Then the sheer abstract artistry of a murmuration of whitest, winged virginal celestials locked in collective thought, dancing in the heavens above; a divine orgy, in an age before the delivery of lenticular clouds and brazen starlings.

Ambiguously, those were the times when integrated circuitry barren of substance source left her in no doubt that she had been warned. Was under notice that she should live life in compliance with rules yet to be penned.  Transgress and there would be hell to pay. Such punishment would always eclipse the crime.

An ‘apple a day’ may well keep the doctor away, although in Eve’s case an ‘apple that day’ left her a displaced person without a roof over her head and no land to call her own. Freewill had proven to be her downfall.

Fortunately, albeit a route march away, east of Eden was The Land of Nod, a place of improvisation and stargazing, where ‘anything goes’…after all when living the dream, ungroomed intuition far outweighs nurtured commandments.

From atop a crystal mountain, beneath a feather pillow, biding his time for now, the one she would one day soon come to know and journey further east with, keeps an ever-watchful eye.


34 thoughts on “A NEW DAWN

    1. My thanks, Ms S. I had absolutely no idea until recently that The Land of Nod was first mention in Genesis 4:14 as a place East of Eden; a place of punishment and that it didn’t become the sleepy place we associate it with until Jonathan Swift penned hiis ‘Complete Collection of Polite and Ingenious Conversation’ in 1737. I think I need to stay in more and read.

    1. Thank you, JoAnne. I have pondered of late upon the subject of Eve. As an character who slipped under the radar; her story unfinished, I believe her ‘what happened next’ tale is worth a stab at telling.

    1. My thanks, Mia. There are not many characters out there that one can take charge of and let them evolve without the writer feeling like a thief. Eve is a good example of a character without an original author…insofar as one is aware. As such, young Eve can do whatever she wants. I am enjoying her company of late.

    1. My thanks. The further they travel east…I hope…the more interesting it might become. Unless, this is, I mess up and the tale goes pear shaped. Such things happen to me a lot!

  1. Stimulating read, Mike. I agree with Paul. You lit up some dim parts of my brain. Ha ha! The ending grabbed my curiosity. The “one,” lurking in the background, does seem ominous, as Marissa expressed. 🙂

  2. Thanx again, sir, for your clever wordplayful imagicationable journeys, they make a serious man smile every time. Your looking in onto my site always feels like a vote of support,too, thanx. g.r.

  3. Ooooooo, I love how this washes us with Eve’s world and gives us her feelings in a moment, but we still have soap in our eyes and can’t see what’s coming…

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