I have broken off diplomatic relations with my left eye. Presently it is more use as a kaleidoscope than an organ of sight. Personally, I blame the Russians. I have no evidence that Putin is behind this yet hold him entirely responsible.

That said, reading from screen or book has become more problematic recently. As such, I have decided to take a break from blogging for a short time and get the eye fixed once and for all.

I wish you all the very best and shall return in the near future.




    1. They say, ‘an eye for an eye’ but I cannot yet find a shop that accepts trade-ins. I should be back blogging any day now, after I have caught up reading and remembered exactly how to write! I trust all is well. Mike

  1. I’ve endured some scary eye issues myself so empathy flows from the Cloud your way in buckets. Hope its all sorted out asap and you can get back to writing on here Mike. x

    – Esme waving upon the Cloud

    1. Thanks young Leslie. At least the eye won’t get any worse. It’s a nuisance it won’t get any better, although they tell me that my brain will sooner or later learn to compensate for the ye’s shortcomings and along the way the black Russian caviar floaters in my eye…at least some of them…will settle down. I shall be bck to bore you all senseless soon. I trust all is well with you.

    1. Cheers, Paul. Sorry for being so long in replying. The old eye will get neither better nor worse. They say the brain will learn to compensate! I’ve got some catching up to do, then there’s the part where I have to remember how to write. I trust you are keeping well, Sir.

      1. so glad to hear from you, mike – that bittersweet prognosis implies you have some bloody rehab and retraining work ahead of you – I know you are up to the challenge – keep me posted

    1. How are you, Ms S? I’m nearly ready to blog again. My bloody eye will get neither better nor worse. It seems my brain will soon send signals out giving it a new way of seeing things. I was properly on the mend, then the wretched flu bug landed on me. The net result has been…now that I am in the sneezing, nose-blowing latter aspect…that every time I do sneeze or blow the nose my eye immediately fills with Black Russian caviar lookalike floaters. Such is life. I’ve not written a word for over a month now and am hoping against hope that I haven’t forgotten how it’s done. All good fun. Mike

      1. Mike, I hope you get better from EVERYTHING soon. This has been a crap year so far. Been there with flu bug so watch yourself. Like that I have since broken a rib and eye wise? Well got to be upsides with you. While busily writing, I got a bit of grit in it and rubbed it too ard and burst a blood vessel. I have looked like the frigging terminator for nearly 3 weeks now BUT today it is nearly clear. So I can well sympathise with you and I really hope the year gets better for you xxxxxxx

      2. I do believe I’m getting there, Ms S. The sun showing its face helps. As quirks go, I am finding the prospect of Brexit happening more toublesome than my eye. I had it in mind to attempt to write something today…anything. Then the Sun made its blue sky appreance and that means getting outside without thermal vests, glove and an overcoat! Panache is back! On a more serious note methinks you need to take greater care next time the eye needs a rub. Then again, who am I, Mr Accident Prone, to advise. All the best. Sometime in the next few days I’ll get back with a vengence.

      3. We all stand like sun worshippers waiting for the golden tips. The winter has been too long. First ok day up here which is long behind the clock on where you are. Brexit? Well we must all hope the clock never ticks to that moment. As for you, your vengeance in terms of being back here will be great

      4. This winter really has been too long, and to throw in a flu ridden bookend is simply cruel. I have declared this winter as the one when I became ‘old’. We haven’t even been shopping in France since October. That’s never happened before. This week with luck we’ll take a day drip. My wine stock is running frighteningly low. I feel a post coming on sometime this new week.

      5. Mike, I can’t believe it is April, the weather has ben awful. Today and yesterday ti has perked up a bit. But vile is the word for it. Hope you get to France soon xxx

      6. Carol the BBC weather girl who provides the lovely old dear and her goat such stupendous weather reports for all of Lerwick, did set aside a nanosecond to advise that this corner of the island might hit 24 degrees by Wednesday! To an extent I jest, yet in truth she favours Lerwick over even Glasgow. A strange woman to say the very least.

      7. She is indeed strange. BUT what has been encouraging these last few days is that the temp just shot up. We have not even had our heating on today, unusual for the time of year. SO, truly hoping that it will be one of these quick switch things from Baltic freezing right into Spring. But hell, who knows. Just that when you have had things wrong with yah , you just want a bit of nice weather and something to look forward to you know you can do

      8. You are, as ever, right. The sun is out and I’ve just booked a day shopping trip to France for Wednesday. Dear Carol – see does make us laugh with her Lerwick preference – promises 20+ degrees. Smelly cheeses and red, red wine.

  2. Mike…Wishing you a speedy recovery! While our bodies may require; “a little touch-up and a little paint” (‘Human Touch’—Bruce Springsteen), we will be watching for your next post…Phil

  3. I am very sorry to hear about your eye, my friend; but I do say the patch is very becoming! Some how it fits the pirate image I have of you! Blessings and Peace . . .

    1. My thanks, Peter. I am of an age where it might be for the best that I take care not to do stupid things. It is all too easy, when young to take risks and recover, not so when one has become an old fart. Best of good fortune, Sir.

  4. I’m sorry your left eye is in bad shape. My nearly blind left eye can empathize. Take good care of yourself on your break. We’ll be here when you get back. โค

    1. Kind words, much appreciated. I’m nearly ready to blog things again. My fear is that there may be no words to write. This may call for a few glasses of something red and made in France.

    1. Ms Lee. My first day back on WP. A reading day methinks. The eye will get no better nor worse and my brain…such as it is…will compensate for the shortcomings in due course. Matters were not helped when I caught the latest flu bug. Every single time…literally…I felt compelled to sneeze or blow my nose a million little black floaters blind me. I’m still laughing at some of the exploits twixt eye and flu bug. All I have to do now is remember how to write. I shall catch up with your posts over the next few days, rest assured. Having not written a thing for weeks, I am hoping I can remember how it’s done! How are you?

      1. Oh Frabjous Day! I’m relieved to hear the flu bug has finally packed its rucksack and hiked on. It saddens me a little your eye will be no better, but no worse is definitely something to be thankful for. As for writing, I have no doubt you’ll remember how it’s done. My faith in you is steadfast on the matter and will not be budged!
        I survived the two weeks of children on spring break, thank God, but now the kids can’t stop talking about summer vacation. Curses! So before that hammer falls I’m trying to work on some short fiction as well as the novels as well as teaching students who apparently never heard of a period. (Seriously, one student wrote an entire page and never, ever, EVER used a single dot of punctuation. As the young folk would say: “The Hell?!?!?!”)

      2. Isn’t it strange. Shirley despairs that I over punctuate and is always sighing when I ask her to check a piece over, whereas you student goes free form. I’m hoping the words flow again. Essentially, writing is a hobby. Not having it is more than just annoying…I’ve some great first lines, begging me to dress them up. Hopefully, I’ll get there someday soon. You could always gag the kids and lock them in the cellar? I jest.

      3. Actually, I prefer holing myself up in the cellar with the one computer that works decently while the kids wreak havoc burying Bo with cars. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s hoping you find some taffeta and schnazzy hats to don those lines.

  5. Must be a Left Eye revolt going on. Usually I blame menopause because its convenient. LOL! I have had similar problems with my retina and Sunday, March 18th I had the misfortune to be accidentally struck in that eye. At least I got to stay home from work (this accident happened on my job) and avoid the nasty New York snow. My eye will be under intense scrutiny from a Retina specialist. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless. Be well.

    1. My thanks, young lady. Your words are truly appreciated. I sincerely trust your own eye problems get resolved. In my case my accident was to fall, eye wide open upon a stone floor in France. A silly thing to do. Eye damage is frighteningly easy to acheive. Best wishes. Mike

      1. My eye damage is permanent. I had retina problems since 2007, retina surgery in January 2010 but since my accident last month it’s gotten worse but I accept and adapt to my situation. I concentrate on the positive and what I can do. I will keep moving forward.

      2. Reality. One must accept reality. Anger and bitterness will not change my situation. Of course it’s upsetting but I keep my feelings or emotions to myself so that I can move on with life.

  6. Can’t believe I missed this and very sorry to hear about your affliction which you handle with your normal great humour. I do hope you get back to normal eyesight soon and managed to enjoy a decent Easter with your lovely family ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think I’m stuck with the eye thing. I can report I am getting used to it at last. I had researched eye patches with panache. I still think I’d rather like one!

      1. I think I’m used to it now. The brain eventually sends out new signals. Every so often within the left eye, it is akin to seeing through black Russian caviar!

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