Zoolon’s 4th album. Taking an excursion from his previous song based albums, this new collection of multi-genre instrumentals is pure nourishment for both the brain and soul. I guess I would say that; I’m his father after all, yet truly, in this instance I speak as I find.

George Blamey-Steeden

forgotten daught of zeus cover 08012019

I would have liked to take a photograph of the sign in the shop window that read, ‘OUR BIKINIS ARE EXCITING. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE TOPS’ but couldn’t as I was told about it rather than saw it for myself.

Anyhow, my new album, ‘THE FORGOTTEN DAUGHTER OF ZEUS’ is, as of today, out there on Bandcamp. Here’s what it’s all about;

‘In composing Zoolon’s 4th album of new mixed-genre instrumentals the objective was to create a compilation of music that reflected a wide assortment of atmospheric sensations, emotions and moods. 

Save for the title track, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’, all others were composed using the song title as the prompt. In terms of that title track, the ‘forgotten daughter of Zeus’ in question was Persephone, Queen of The Underworld. As to the other tracks, Scandinavian and old time film noir background styles play their part on some…

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    1. He’s a good chap, Ms S. I supose we all have our creative quirks, although at least I don’t lock myself away; forget sustinence and the world at large when knocking out words like he does with musical composition. Still, he seems sane enough.

    1. Thank you, Sir. He’s a good lad and hasn’t a musical talent I envy. How the devil are you by the way? ‘Tis a long time I was forced by way of damaged sight from WP.

      1. You’re welcome, Sir. I see the creative gene runs in the family. I’m good, kind Sir and your absence was notable. It is good to read your devilishly delightful tales once again.

      2. Sadlly all I can do with a string instrument is to hold it and pretend. These days I’ve come to the conclusion I’m only fit to wear a monocle on one eye, an eyepatch on the other and live in hope that others don’t take me to be an escapee from an institution. Best of luck, Sir and a belated Happy New Year.

      3. True enough old chap. You have a dangerous nutter in charge and over here in my damp domain we have a racist inspired Brexit about to happen. If I think about these things too much, then the lust for life fades. Bad times in for ‘free-world’! We live in hope.

      1. That’s very kind of you Ms M Winter. Rest assured I might know a good few words yet can I spell them without the guidance of modern technology? Not a snowball’s chance in Hell!

    1. I once sang in the shower. The glass door cracked and splintered. I shall say no more! She makes me use a tin bath at the gardens outer limits these days. Notwithstanding, thanks for such kind words.

    1. A hello to your goodself, Sir. I trust you remain suitably insane enough to continue your trefology quest? The Grail awaits. Only you can accomplish that which the mission demands.

    1. You know I haven’t a clue where he gets his talent from. He can pick up most instruments and play them. As to me, I cannot play or sing a note. I am proud of George though. He lives for his art.

      1. Cheers. If anything it must come from his mother’s side of the family. They all sing when in drink at weddings and funerals! That has to be it, methinks!

    1. He certainly puts the hours in, what with his little business and his music. When composing he’s on the missing list for days. It seems…a good thing…when composing, creativity means more to him than the commercial side of things. I guess that’s what art is all about.

    1. Ms Lee, it must be a bloodline ‘thing’ yet we both share the accursed ‘doubt’, as I suspect you do, notwithstanding the fact that you are a sublime writer, Yours The Old Fool.

      1. Ms Lee, I truly believe that self-doubt heralds true talent. For my part I am a Jack of all trades. Not so your goodself. You are focused. It may take time…the best things always do…yet you will get there. My thanks for your kind words, a terrible old, Old Fool.

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