the elastic snapped cover

WARNING: This book may contain traces of nuts (not of the edible kind) and may also cause drowsiness amongst those unfamiliar with the English language. Bibliophobia sufferers may experience severe panic attacks.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you do not drive whilst reading.

INGREDIENTS: Lunacy, stupidity, silliness, idiocy, absurdity, aberration, eccentricity and fragments of appallingly bad taste.


Notwithstanding the above, within this tome you will discover Agatha Christie’s long lost short story, ‘The Elastic Snapped’, the superheroes ‘Pac A Mac Man & Galoshes Boy’, the ‘Swoony Sayings from The Young Buddha’, ‘Alfred Outwhaite’s Pedigree Homing Earwig’, ‘Naomi Wholemeal the Useless Radicalized Eco Warrior & Poet’ and how Noah came to feast upon ‘Unicorn Sausages’.

Moreover, there are real life tales and aspects of history that you were likely never told of at school, such as ‘The Rolling Pin that Saved The British Empire’, the construct of a ‘Young Leonardo Da Vinci’s Lightsabre’ and of how the ‘Yanks Airbrushed the British Moon Mission from the History Books’ and much, much more.

By way of examples, were you ever aware of ‘Pocahontas’ Lost Dr Martens’ or the day Billy Joel suffered from ‘Lyricist’s Block’? If your answer is ‘no’ then this is the book for you.

If perchance you’re familiar with the first book of silly skits, ‘Fanny, I Think of You Often’ then you’ll already be aware of some of the mad characters in this sequel.  If not, then it matters not a jot for this is a standalone spin-off.

So what are you waiting for? Read on…

Herwith the links at Amazon for both the Kindle and paperback versions;

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Beyond those two, I understand typing my name in any other Amazon’s worldwide provides the same information.

fanny actual book cover


38 thoughts on “THE ELASTIC SNAPPED

      1. I’m good! Thank you for asking. Flying to Texas today to attend a fundraising event for my sister-in-law’s organization.

      2. You are correct, young Leslie. Very correct. The far right movements are marching again all over Europe intent on breaking up the EU…The EU that has prevented what was previously the habitual curse of warfare this continent every 15/20 years throughout human history. Even this week I read that a far right party in Poland is gaining momentum…surely the Poles, of all people, should know better. Sad times.

      1. I bet it is. My dear departed mother-in-law had the elastic snap on her whilst waiting at a bus stop many years ago. Bold as brass she stepped out of that which had snapped and alighted the bus only to disover it was the wrong one. A non stop bus. The poor gal ended up in Plymouth some 30 miles away! The curse of elastic.

      2. The poor dear, my heart goes out to her. So far from home with snapped elastic. It’s hard to keep a pleasant attitude once you’re snapped.

  1. Well done you. Your writing energy is really impressive and we salute you from an obscure location in the north of England where people walk around in ironed shirts and ask passing strangers “Are there any normal shops here ?”

    1. My thanks, Peter. What is a ‘normal shop’ in the frozen North? The last time I was in the Lake District all the shops…aside the curry house, who managed to serve me a veggie curry composed exclusively of frozen peas…sold only Anoraks. I trust all is well with you, Sir

    1. My thanks. I believe I deserve a medal. Unlike Trump I speak the truth and always stay on the path of the truth when writing of historical events.

      1. Thank you for speaking the truth. I believe many here are unaware the Constitution has been rewritten.

  2. Congratulations! And the best of luck. I was surprised by the picture on the cover. I didn’t know you looked like that.

    1. My thanks, Ms Lee. That I look round corners rather than straight ahead is always a wise thing to do. Imagination is one thing; reality is something I need to take more seriously yet rarely do.

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