The sun is shining. The time has come to take a summer break from blogging. Not too long a break, just sufficient enough for dear Shirl and I to partake of a little time travel and do what disgraceful aging juveniles do best. I’ll leave you to guess what the latter might be. In the meantime I think I’ll pop into ‘The Shop That Sells Kisses’ and buy the sweet gal a gift.

I went into the shop that sells kisses

Asked the girl behind the counter if she

Could recommend from her vast range of stocked caresses

A kiss that was suited to me


“Well I’ve got the Kiss of Death here on Special Offer

Yet I don’t think you want that do you?

And it’s ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ on the Judas Kiss

Yet they do not befit a ‘hello’ more so an ‘adieu’


Goodbye kisses come in all shapes and sizes

And are appropriate when heading for pastures new

Or perhaps when a true love is over

Or maybe dropping a child off at a new school


Now the hand kiss is so very versatile

You can use them almost each and every way

They indicate politeness, courtesy and respect

When a gentleman greets a lady who just may


Favour him with more than just blushes

Chancing his luck, although there’s no guarantee

Yet I suggest you’ll not be kissing the Pope’s ring

When bowed down before him on just one knee


Kisses on the lips are our best-sellers

They’re not cheap mind, they come at some cost

The range starts with merely a Swift Peck

Up to The Interlaced Tongue New Lover ‘Defrost’”


Having taken some time out for a good think

I went on quite the wildest spending spree

So much did I pay out that upon leaving

The girl blew me an air kiss, said, “That’s free”


26 thoughts on “A SUMMER BREAK

    1. Cheers, Ms S. I trust your editing is near completion. I surmise you’ve worked incredibly hard on your latest project. May…of course it will…it be a gem.

      1. Mike, you are so kind. I have been kicking that project into line. Help if I started with a plan instead of this first chapter that I have no idea what is going to happen behind. AND without heroes who then throw what ideas I then have half way through chapter two. BUT hey, yep, having torn my hair the last 3 weeks on a bit three quarters of the way through, I have now finished tearing my hair on this last week’s bit. I think the rest to the end should be okay roughly as it was written. Thank you for your kind, kind words and have a great break xxx

    1. France beckons and Brexit isn’t done yet (one hopes it never is). While Europe is still easy to enter we have decided to enjoy a tad of culture, fine wine, smelly cheeses and escape this sad island we live on. I shall return a little earlier than last year when I could barely see through a problematic eye. Regards, The Old Fool

  1. A kiss in the air from here for you both and safe travel. May this be the most amazing adventure of all. Not only from the sights you see, but that you meet truly beautiful people 🙂 Jen

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