The sun is shining. The time has come to take a summer break from blogging. Not too long a break, just sufficient enough for dear Shirl and I to partake of a little time travel and do what disgraceful aging juveniles do best. I’ll leave you to guess what the latter might be. In the meantime I think I’ll pop into ‘The Shop That Sells Kisses’ and buy the sweet gal a gift.

I went into the shop that sells kisses

Asked the girl behind the counter if she

Could recommend from her vast range of stocked caresses

A kiss that was suited to me


“Well I’ve got the Kiss of Death here on Special Offer

Yet I don’t think you want that do you?

And it’s ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ on the Judas Kiss

Yet they do not befit a ‘hello’ more so an ‘adieu’


Goodbye kisses come in all shapes and sizes

And are appropriate when heading for pastures new

Or perhaps when a true love is over

Or maybe dropping a child off at a new school


Now the hand kiss is so very versatile

You can use them almost each and every way

They indicate politeness, courtesy and respect

When a gentleman greets a lady who just may


Favour him with more than just blushes

Chancing his luck, although there’s no guarantee

Yet I suggest you’ll not be kissing the Pope’s ring

When bowed down before him on just one knee


Kisses on the lips are our best-sellers

They’re not cheap mind, they come at some cost

The range starts with merely a Swift Peck

Up to The Interlaced Tongue New Lover ‘Defrost’”


Having taken some time out for a good think

I went on quite the wildest spending spree

So much did I pay out that upon leaving

The girl blew me an air kiss, said, “That’s free”


26 thoughts on “A SUMMER BREAK

    1. Cheers, Ms S. I trust your editing is near completion. I surmise you’ve worked incredibly hard on your latest project. May…of course it will…it be a gem.

      1. Mike, you are so kind. I have been kicking that project into line. Help if I started with a plan instead of this first chapter that I have no idea what is going to happen behind. AND without heroes who then throw what ideas I then have half way through chapter two. BUT hey, yep, having torn my hair the last 3 weeks on a bit three quarters of the way through, I have now finished tearing my hair on this last week’s bit. I think the rest to the end should be okay roughly as it was written. Thank you for your kind, kind words and have a great break xxx

    1. France beckons and Brexit isn’t done yet (one hopes it never is). While Europe is still easy to enter we have decided to enjoy a tad of culture, fine wine, smelly cheeses and escape this sad island we live on. I shall return a little earlier than last year when I could barely see through a problematic eye. Regards, The Old Fool

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