I am the gypsy in the company of Nazis

I am the black slave The Empire kept under its bowler hat

I am the immigrant Albion gave the thumbs down to

The one the beer-bellied disciple would deny

The one the true blue dyed-in-the-wool cannot stomach

The one the ‘old’ rich and their host of rattled barbarian retainers despise


It matters not

By choice or by circumstance my days are numbered

After all the stateless one who has no future cares not a jot

If he dies by the blade, the poisoned pill or in the arms of a lover


Gone the flag of amorous stars

Back the plain Jane triplets

George, Andrew and David

The banner of Christianity astray


No more Oswald’s blackshirts

Unavailable in Primark

Unavailable in pink

Boneheads and loud voices

The order of the day


The compass without a pointer an immoral public servant’s treasure

Why play fair when you can fumble blindly for an inner thigh?

Hand-picked lies are mightier than any truth

When distilled ignorance takes into custody an impotent Crown

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”


“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

Adolf Hitler





53 thoughts on “IN THE COMPANY OF NAZIS

    1. These are worrying times, Ms S…both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, although for entirely different reasons. ‘Scotland the brave; England the self-centred’!

      1. Well as can be with this orange treasonous idiot running/ruining my country. 🙂 Lunacy abounds in Britain, too, these days. Can anyone say, “Pre-WW2 Europe All Over Again”?

      2. Lessons of history, Sir. They forget that for the last 75 years a European collective have prevented Western Europe fighting those same, sometimes going global, wars they invoked every 15 years throughout modern history and now the idiotic ones want to airbrush it all away. Keep the faith Sir. Someone has to!

    1. Agreed. Only last week I was in Northern France, probably the most right wing region in France, yet even there person upon person I met thought we were mad acting as we have. Johnson, it seems, has reversed their EU take on things. Home and abroad this man is seen as the liar he is, and a walking disaster waiting to happen. As to his chum Bellend Scummings ’tis best I do not speak. That aside, so good to hear from you.

      1. I agree with you, Mr Scummings is a very disturbing figure who is not a democrat of any dimension and Johnson is a fellow I wouldn’t buy a second hand push bike from, never mind asking him to run the country until someone sane can be found to take over the business of government !!

      2. You know what, Peter, I was trying my level best to think of an honest politician. Then and now I cannot think of one. I’m sure some see it as a vocation when they start out…then the greed and the ego kicks in. Ms Jones from up the road might do. She plants flowers and has not a bad word for anyone. She nursed a magpie back to health recently. She’ll have my vote. She’s certainly worth a hundred Scummings, who I get the feeling is running the Tory show presently.

      1. Thank you dear old chap, I read one of your books and I will try to make a notice to all readers that it is a Must 😉 of course, first, I have to get an end to my “bolock job” through the week 😜🙏👍

    1. I could not agree more, Olgs. The lessons of history are easily forgotten or ignored. 75 years of peace in Western Europe, whereas throughout history a war every 10 to 15 years as France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Holland, and notably Blighty were at each others throats. Madness. My thanks to you for reading to the very end. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. Perhaps the Trump regime mirrors the plight of compassionate non-racist souls of England, yet rest assured ridding the US of him will be far easier than removing the far right from this failing society. My thanks, Sir

  1. “Hand-picked lies are mightier than any truth”–Damn, ain’t THAT the truth.

    I tip my hat to you, Master Steeden, on your most welcome return to this virtual story-emporium. It has been too long since I tasted your poetic wares! xxxxxxxx

    1. My thanks, Ms Lee. Perhaps I should have expanded that ‘almost’ concept that was that very line and have written ‘Hand-picked lies of Giants are mighterier than any truth’. Albeit the word ‘Giant’ sounds a tad complimentary, it is giants in terms of leaders who lie the most…and get away with it. Such is life. Back to reality, my 116 year old right kneecap is giving me gyp. I shall have to learn how to hop methinks!

    1. Quite true, Rashid. Where there is power there is indulgence beyond the power granted by the populous. A shift to the ‘right’a always ends in tears. Best of good fortune, Sir

    1. So you’ve heard that my DNA results revealed I am 81% Russian; 11% Scandanavian & only 8% English…aside from the 8% I could do without, I consider this a fine result. Russian history has always fascinated me. Can’t speak a word of it, mind!

      1. You are right, Mike. There is no analogy in the world to the Russian history, and some people even lived to tell the story.

      2. I’ve just remembered we’ve had this conversation re Russia before, Inese. Please forgive my failing memory. Your line, ‘some people lived to tell the story’ represents the only way darkest history can be passed on to future generations. So very important. If there is one good thing to come out of evil it exists in your words, words I shall repeat in order I never forget, ‘some people lived to tell the story’. Best wishes, A Very Old Fool (or at least feeling like one!)

    1. It’s the number of racist hate crimes that worry me most. The stats are constantly on the way up ever since the referendum. It certainly isn’t the Remainers like me who are pushing those stats up. Sad times, I agree with you. My thanks for the read.

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