GREAT LIVES: This Week, I Interview Danny Soz,
Who Doesn’t Like To Mention His Book


MIKE: So Danny, tell us a little about yourself

DANNY: I’ve written a book

MIKE: Yes, I meant tell us something about your personal history. The place you were born and grew up in, for example

DANNY: I was born in Pimlico in Westminster, London. That was long before I wrote my book, of course

MIKE: Was it a happy childhood?

DANNY: Not too bad, but it would have been even happier if I’d known back then that one day I’d write a fantastic book

MIKE: What about your career. Have you been a success in life?

DANNY: Not really. I’m a motor mechanic. I had to read a couple of books to pass the exams but none were as great as my book, of course.

MIKE: Are you married, Danny. Tell my readers a little about your family

DANNY: Yes, I’m married with four kids. It’s been pretty tough raising a family. I just wish there was a decent book on the subject. Of course, it wouldn’t be a touch on my book. Nothing is.

MIKE: How do you see your future panning out, Danny? Are you optimistic?

DANNY: I see a great future ahead, thanks to my book. I’ll earn shedloads of money from Amazon and get to meet lots of celebs, like Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson, and President Trump. That’s how great my book is.

MIKE: Are you a fan of the president then?

DANNY: No, I think he’s an ocean-going fucknut, and if I do come across him, I’ll smash him over the nut with a signed copy of my book. It will be the greatest honour of his bigly orange, loser life.

MIKE: Finally, Danny, I hear you have a book out at present. Tell us a little about it.

DANNY: I don’t like to talk about it mate. I don’t want to appear to be bigging myself up just because I’ve written this utterly sublime book.

MIKE: Danny Soz, It’s been a pleasure talking to you

DANNY: That’s, Mr Author-Writer-Bard-Wordsmith-Soz, to you matey.

I know he would protest in the strongest possible terms but here’s a link to Danny’s fabulous book. It truly is a triumph of satirical writing at it’s most glorious – it says here.


  1. Christ! What a magnificent interview. Mr Soz sounds like an absolute genius – and a stable one too! I understand that 1 in 3 copies of his book contains a Willy Wonka-style, ‘Golden Ticket’, worth a million smackers. For this reason, I have ordered 200 copies and I strongly urge all your readers to do so too!
    Yes, I can’t wait to clean up financially and read some dead good satire at the same time!

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It’s not often you get inside the mind of a true genius and this interview is no exception

    1. He is humbleness personified. Did you know he penned this masterpiece using just an aged quill and for ink, merely dried hawthorn branches set aside over winter. Never once did he gripe or falter in his quest. On a more serious note, he is a jolly fine chap.

      1. What I’d give for a cozy room. Mr dear wife has a preference toward walking sticks and crutches rather than sofas. Plainly, I walk with a limp.

    1. Remarkable he is. Often, I am told, he walks on water when crossing the Thames in either direction; turns Cornish Pasties into Pie & Mash; even feeds the home spectators at West Ham FC a decent plate of jellied eels from just a single whelk. A legend in his own lunchtime.

    1. Time and again I’ve pleaded with him to write, write and write again. Does he listen? Does he ****. I should add that I have purchased the book and can report it is a bloody good read.

      1. Let me get this straight then. This Soz geezer’s the new Martin Amis, right? Either way, he looks like he walked straight out of London Fields. Should’ve held out for the half-mill advance like Marty boy did.

      2. We are most fortunate to find ourselves in the company of The Bard of the Mile End Road. Pound notes he uses merely to set fire and light his rollups with; coinage of the realm nothing more than nuisance to a man of many words. Prone to purchasing the occasional lottery ticket I’ve yet to see him check the results. A rare genius.

      1. That you’re good is good to hear, Ms S. For my part I am as fine as any aging juvenile can be now the ‘cold’ weather has returned. Creaking knees and a forgetful mind…the latter being a lifelong curse. I’ve had a lot of fun writing a new tale, ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’. The story now told, just a tads worth of editing and an experts take on my use of the humble ‘comma’ to go! I started it on New Years Day this year. I suspect it’ll be done and dusted New Years Day just around the corner. A lightweight take on a heavyweight subject, I’ve enjoyed the write. In essence I am well…I think/hope…Shirl, the ambulance…call for one this instant, my dear!

      2. Using too many commas Mike..that’s why you need an ambulance. xxx Good to hear you are beavering away though and light weight takes are the best on heavy subjects. Can’t wait to hear more. It is cold. Quite suddenly too. Been a lot of frost some mornings here.

      3. I am to the comma an equivalent of a blind dart player aiming his darts at a board he cannot see. In these parts it’s getting colder yet our curse is presently rain, rain and more rain. Having said that the sun is out today, not that my frozen hands sat outside the café could care less about. Keep well and warm.

      4. Just you dinnae worry re the commas. There’s load of tosh spoken about them. You get your gloves on for the cold hands. Hope you don’t have Raynaud’s like me.

      5. Rayneauds I have something chronic. The replacement ‘special’ fingerless gloves have just arrived. The only things that have ever helped. Should it help the seller is ‘deowear technology’. I think they cost about £10-£12 and the reviews online are amazing. My originals died only because the velcro on my jacket had a fight with them. The gloves lost. Seriously, these are worth you getting. They have copper…not so you’d notice…running through them. Comma’s be damned.

    1. Well, I will have to try these. Seriously, the worst is cooking. You should see the state of my fingers, diced, sliced and burnt, cos I don’t feel them so yes, I pick up hot plates without compunction and I have no idea how the odd finger has never ended up in the pot either. So yeah maybe these gloves would help. Indeed the hell with commas.

    1. You’ve got me there. ‘Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes’ is a line I’ll never forget. A masterpiece if there ever was one. By the way, I am of the opinion he has indeed written a book.

  3. “No, I think he’s an ocean-going fucknut,” – I’m sold at that to be honest. London Fields just ran through my bonce from ear to ear like Hariod and that is no bad thing. I’ll kindle you!

    – Esme Cloud not one for idle threats as she prefers hopping squawking ones

      1. It’s a superb novel by Martin Amis, Money is another of his in the same ‘universe’ not that there’s a spot of sci fi in them. He’s created a couple of the best characters of all time, one in each, for me. I read them with Hariod so he will concur. Very tight and darkly humorous. – Esme Cloud revealing all but still wearing the Cloud as its not that kind of party

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