TONY, WESTSIDE STORY (from a song by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim): ‘There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us, peace and quiet and open air, wait for us, somewhere’

A EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S ALTERNATIVE: Somewhere within someplace, perhaps a fool’s paradise island, although conceivably not, the abundance of smart-arse nincompoops of this dreary, erstwhile heavenly body have coined the hidden meaning of the once supposed sumptuous allegory into a ghoulish, yet not improbable, non-fiction of lies. I am not inclind to wish them well. Were I anything less than a contented trespasser in a land of mainly reactionary snow white earthlings I would shed tears.


When the far Right doth play

Racist bigots hold sway
So what will dear Mestiza do then
Poor thing?

She’ll await her sick fate
At the hands of an inglorious State
And in a death camp
She’ll never survive
Poor thing

SOUND ADVICE FROM A PAST MASTER BY THE NAME OF ADOLPH: ‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.’

THE WORDS OF A DISTRAUGHT PRIM AND PROPER LADY OF A CERTAIN AGE OUTSIDE A GLUTTONOUS COFFEE FRANCHISE: “How can any God fearing person cast their vote in favour of a lying, sexist, racist?” Regretably I knew not the answer to her question. All I could offer her was a tissue with which she could dry her eyes.

AN ASIDE: ‘So then, ‘Goodnight dear Vienna’, and goodnight to my lover who wore the black lace. ‘Tis beyond my control that wicked circumstance plays the cruelest trickery of all’



    1. I agree, Sir. Lunacy abounds. That, it seems, is what happens when a collective of old Etonians, their own funds stacked away safely abroad, leaning toward the worrying right convince the mass of pliable simpletons and more than a handful of eager racists that all is well.

    1. Yes, young Holly, just like the Titanic ‘the band played on’. That is England in a nutshell. Very clever indeed. I trust all is good with you. Regards, The Old Fool feeling older by the day.

    1. Deception has trounced truth with the assistance of a few million pliable blockheads and a viable number of racists. Trump and mini-me Trump have the power. I feel swear words coming on, young Leslie. Best I don’t go into a rant. I am however truly touched by your comment. My thanks.

      1. You just reminded me of an old Pete Seeger song I used to listen too a long, long tome ago;
        Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
        Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the flowers gone?
        Young girls have picked them everyone.
        Oh, when will they ever learn?
        Oh, when will they ever learn?
        I give up, Leslie. The scum has risen to the surface.

      2. You know what, young Leslie. Sometimes in life we reach the point of no return…I stress that presently I’m not talking of darker things…and it is at that point nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth writing about; fighting about; arguing about. It is…and my past history supports my self diagnosed curse…clinical depression. I was hoping to post re my new book soon. As of now I couldn’t give a tuppeny toss. On a brighter note, you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  1. Sweet post, Mike! In spite of that everything is like a tribal stance before a war, you spoke beautifully.
    Leonard Cohen is a fave of mine. What an honour to Paul Simon! I hope PS saw it that way.
    I’ve been meaning to say, I like your book covers, a lot.
    My Father in law did book covers before he began writing. I’ll try to put one in the next comments box.

    1. This may sound like a boast, although I stress that that is not so. I have…at least I believe I have…everything Cohen spoke, wrote or sung. He was, nay still is, an inspiration and my ‘go to’ artist on those irksome occasions when the wretched black dog visits…like now.
      ‘Like a tribal stance before a war’. I rather like that. Accurate, certainly. Poetic, yes. The dark part of me wants a revolution. The grey part tells me innocents get slaughtered come any revolution, hence I try not to think about it…generally failing in that regard. The ‘bottom line’…horrible expression…is that I am a man of peace. Sadly the right wing are at play in this land, supported by the pliable morons who can see nothing wrong with racism. I despair of the lot of them.
      So pleased you liked my covers. The one for ‘Gentleman Prefer a Pulse’ is from a shot I took of Shirl standing on The Cobb at Lyme Regis in the same spot used for the movie of John Fowles book ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’. The film itself was not up to my expectations, whereas the book was likely the finest romantic novel ever written. As to the others, they are merely public domain pictures that my lady in Florida has played around with. When she gets the new book done and dusted I cannot wait to see how she’s fashioned the cover art.

      1. Not a boast… a dear collection of art.
        I’m curious to see your new book cover, too!
        I think like you in the regards you have written here today.
        The left can go too, far, yet the right is wrong. (I just made that up)
        Pliable morons… 😀 😀

      2. Were I younger I think a ‘right is wrong’ slogan would be my tattoo of choice. I have no tattoo’s but that would be mine were the opposite the case. You realize I’ll now be spending the rest of the day contemplating just what part of me the hypothetical tattoo would appear. A chest is far too generic; a kneecap perhaps? Choices, choices.

  2. This piece struck a chord. My country is burning because of right-wing, jingoistic, Hindutva Fascism. Times are dire; students protest but are killed; laws against the constitution are being passed, and the government is suppressing freedom of speech by cutting off the Internet, etc. It’s a terrible time. I found laughter in that satirical part about the extraterrestrial. So, thank you.

    1. We are several steps behind you, Nitin. Should I feel happy or sad regarding that? Sad, certainly. I wish you and your people the luck…for luck it what it is…to prevail. Your story touches the heart of any good person. Regards, The Old Fool

  3. Love Leonard Cohen! And yes, such leaders in our countries…something pushed people to select such leaders. But at least here in the States people are too fixed on the here and now to dive back a few decades to see just how deep the fissures go.

    1. There are days, young Ms Lee when I despise the ground that half of humanity devoid of compassion and rational thought stand upon. Nothing will ever change, to know goodness one needs to also know badness, hence the human race have a 50/50 split and always likely will. ‘Tis enough to make one open a vein! At least you and I are on the ‘good’ side. Best wishes, The Old Fool

    1. Kind of you to say so, Cynthia. To me and the millions like me, since the 1975 referendum ‘forever’ result confirming that the vast bulk of the populous wanted to be in the EU project (the UK was virtually bankrupt at the time – even the IMF didn’t wish to support any further), I have been an EU passport holder (soon to be taken from me); proud of my European identity, one that I treasure (also a thing I will be deprived of) and the benefits of being in the EU etc. etc. On top of the very real racism and race violence taking place in this sick island I herald from, a new, subliminal racism where those who cherish the EU are now perveived less worthy than the intellectually challenge and facists who hold sway. To take a persons passport away and replace it with one they don’t recognise makes me think of USSR bay in the dark days. Sincere apoligies for the length of this reply. Thank you so much for the comment. Yours, The Old Fool

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