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My new book: ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’ has finally been freed from her solitary confinement within the lonely prison cell that is my dark and empty skull. At last at liberty, the world is now her oyster…although all indications are that her ideal preference would be pride of place upon the shelf of a grand bookcase from which her pages may be romantically caressed from time to time. Plainly she cannot have it all ways and regardless, it matters not for she is finally unfettered. Not that she would ever admit it, if the truth be told, that’s all she ever wanted.

Please Note: Not a book suitable for prudish Great Aunt Maud, the local Vicar, pious Uncle Percy, racists, sexists, homophobes, those of a sensitive disposition nor swoony types.

Important (possibly): One would suggest it might have the potential to appeal to free-thinkers, nonconformists, Mata Hari on an average day, the lovely Svetlana who tends to my every need, dab hand illiterates, raving lunatics of any and all persuasions plus, of course, uninhibited romantics.

With that in mind, the ‘blurb’;


‘A book of mind boggling time-travel, feverish sex, syrupy romance, ho hum history, a dark future, The Moon, Constantinople, Paris and Berlin, human consciousness, infinity, a tongue in cheek take on all things carnal, art for art’s sake and three thoroughly mad yet oh so delightful gals’

blue eyed cat full print cover





I am not entirely sure of other Amazon global links and thus I apologize for not revealing them here. However, were you interest in this book a search on local Amazon using my name should suffice.

56 thoughts on “THE BLUE-EYED CAT

  1. Reblogged this on Zoolon Audio and commented:
    It looks like the old man – my dad – just released his new book. I’ve not read it and he selfishly refuses to pay me for this re-blog. A Happy New Year to everyone ~ Zoolon aka George

  2. I am so sorry to hear Aunt Maud cannae read this but long as I can we are good. Heartiest congrats to you Mr S. All power to your elbow in more ways than one. You DID it xxxxxxxxx

    1. My thanks, Ms S. I enjoyed writing this one. It is a little risqué, but then that’s how life ought to be…or not as the case may be. Importantly I stayed true to my golden rule that the gals must always win. As a time-traveller myself I was with them all the way. ‘Tis not my b’day by the way. I’m Aries yet never tell FB that. I find it rather creepy that FB themselves haven’t worked out that I, according to their records, am 114 years old. An award, surely? Wait until I tell them that my real age is double that. Have a fantastic 2020 both you, yours and Scotland.

      1. aye I mind what you said re your birthday xxxxxx You better watch you don’t get the award for the world’s oldest fellah and a telegram from a certain decrepit old bat. Lol.. Giggling just imagining it, knowing you would ‘limp ‘ or whatever you felt was right here…up to the plate.. As we all stand with serious faces. YOU have agreat year and listen the bit riskier a book is the better.

      2. I’ve heard it said that all a conscious human really needs is a roof over ones head and food to eat. Methinks that the ‘risque’ side of life should be an addition to the list of human needs. Life would be such a bore without it. Good on you, Ms S.

    1. I’m told there’s nothing quite like a jolly good swoon. Sadly I’ve never perfected the art for as we all know a swooner nevers passes wind. Plainly that was me falling at the first hurdle. Such is my life. How the devil are you old chap?

      1. Doing well, old boy. No complaints. I hope this message finds you fully recovered from the fall. Cheers, and roebuck, geo.

      2. Hell’s illustrious Bells, Sir. I only spotted your comment when browsing through the post itself, not within the Reader I tend to rely upon. Jolly good you are fine and in working order. The damage I inflicted upon self by way of semi-blindness has abated long since. These day ‘tis ruined kneecaps that hold sway. Two decades gone I severed the quads of the once reliable left leg in what only could be called ‘a freak accident’. For the whole of the ensuing period my best friend, Derek Right-Knee has been over-burdened doing the mundane work for both legs. Derek has now gone on strike as any fine socialist knee should do. I can, just still manage a couple of miles on the treadmill each day without collapsing in an ugly heap, yet old age has caught up with me! Dear Shirl has named me ‘a miserable old fart’…sometimes replacing ‘fart’ with another 4 letter word commencing with ‘c’…a tag I’ve taken to. There you have it Sir, a tale of the kind of woe that for reasons unknown makes me laugh aloud in public places.

    1. My thanks. How very kind of you. I rather like being found. I must confess that my Reader has made no mention of your own blog since the old King died. Now I have the link I shall go and have a look. A Happy New Year, Regard, The Old Fool

    1. Cheers, young Leslie. I’d hate to be a prude. Both the prudes and the pious must have such boring lives. A Happy New Year to you and your family. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. A Happy New Year to you, young Holly. ‘Tis a strange one is this book. No vile violence or anything horrible akin to that, yet it does perhaps…subjectively, that is…cross the line of common decency as some might see it. Certainly my main characters, be they male or female don’t seem to give a damn, more that they found the whole risqué escapade an absolute hoot. Those wonderful ladies who have proofed it and set the whole publishing thing on Amazon etc. tell me…rest assured money did not change hands…they loved it. Touch wood, it stays that way. At least now I can get back to a bit of blogging without the pressure of book writing for a while. As ever, splendid to hear from you, Regards, The Even Older Than Before, Old Fool

      1. I believe the phrase that suits me most heralds from The States, namely ‘I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time’. Hence blogging and writing a sizable book, a thing I found hard to do.

      2. My thanks, Holly. The last person to call me ‘young man’ was a police officer several decades gone re a crime I did not commit. When he checked out the battered old hand-painted van I had at the time he finally realized that I was not in charge of the getaway car acting on behalf of the bank robbers. A close shave though.

      3. If I recall my crime was having extra long hair similar to the miscreant. At that part of my life there was no chance of me being the wheels man for a gang of robbers, for I, from the age of 17 until 23 years, was stoned from morn to night-time each and every day, often in the company of American draft dodgers, the finest bunch of chaps I ever met with and ones I will never forget. I miss those days when anything was improbable yet seemed to happen no matter what. Sadly my generation lived the dream yet left a nightmare in our wake…the curse of growing up.

      4. I guess that lets you off the hook as the get away guy. about that time my Dad was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Force base in Germany for a three year stent. He was given a choice , 3 years in Germany or 1.5 years in Okinawa . Turned out the guys who chose Okinawa went directly to Viet Nam. 😔

      5. A wise decision by your dad. You know I feel for those poor chaps who ended up fighting…in retrospect…a pointless war in Vietnam. History should have told Nixon and his like it really was a non-starter. I remember well Billy Joel’s song Goodnight Saigon. Heart-breaking. Respect to you dad.

    1. What a fine chap you are, Sir. I have to admit that I enjoyed writing this book more than I ever have previous. Make note it is a risqué piece, thankfully approved by the missus and her chums so I live in hope for this book. I trust your festive season was a fine one. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. I love the way you write my dear Sir, and I, as the Old Fool No 2, like to risque as I did whole in my life 😉 Have a healthy and successful year Master 🙏👍 sincerely Aladin

  3. Is there a reason you didn’t choose a serif font for your kindle versions? Just curious.

    As I’ve succumbed to the trend of starting “in media res” I tend to expect all stories I read to jump straight into the action/story without the traditional setup and preparation of setting and characterization. Was this a conscious choice to avoid this trend? (I fully expect the lit. world to start returning to a “let me set the scene” style.) Thanks.

    1. My thanks, Sir. Fonts are not a thing that cross my mind. My art skills are more looking at that finished article rather than constructing it. Thus the question you pose is a difficult one for me to answer. My cover art etc. is created by a lovely gal in Florida. She’s worked on the art since I began taking writing seriously.
      As to the construction of words, I let them arrive as they wish. I allow myself no say in the matter. Styles of writing…save for my appreciation of the great writers over all of time…are not something I’ve ever think about in part or at all. Marketing I find tedious as I am sure most others feel the same. In essence my books are my gravestones to hopefully be picked up by a grandchild’s, grandchild’s, grandchild many years hence when hopefully they will ponder on the fact that their long deceased relative was, in colloquial English, ‘a right nutter’. Regards, The Old Fool

  4. Yahoo! I can hardly wait to get my copy!!!!
    The cover is gorgeous. Although, as I always say “Never judge a book by its cover, unless there’s a gown on it!”
    Congratulations, Mike!

    1. My thanks, Resa. I couldn’t agree more. Gowns, especially ‘historical’…is that the correct word?…gowns recreated and added to in modern times with additional zest are quite the loveliest things. My dear wife has a few but always insists on wearing her Docs with them…she tends to break her ankles with heels. To me that is a display of panache while others morn. The Old Fool of Timbuktu

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