Just Doing My Part


Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Happy Throwback Thursday, friends!  As I’ve mentioned recently, when my Lupus health complications have kept me from being able to devote my time and focus to writing or editing, or even sometimes reading (much less blogging), I’ve found that I could sometimes take on small projects.  One such project has been in helping other authors format their manuscript for self-publishing, and then either designing a cover for them or tweaking a design they already have in mind.

One such author is your friend and mine, Mike Steeden.  You may recall in 2015 when I helped him format his first book “Gentlemen Prefer a Pulse” and designed the cover out of a photo of his wife Shirley that he sent me.

You may also recall when that same year, our esteemed buddy Craig C. S. Boyack allowed me to create the covers for his “Will O’ the Wisp” and for

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10 thoughts on “Just Doing My Part

    1. Girl’s…people in general also…have called me many things. Being an atheist, socialist, anti-racist, supporter of human rights, anti-monarchist such things attraced names…rarely good names. All that matters is that the people I care for and whose company I enjoy must feel able to call me whatever they wish and I’ll never be offended. Regards, Defender of Decent…or should that be Indecent? Much the same, I guess…People or DOD?IP

    1. Rachel is a lovely lady who knows how to make things happen…a skill denied to the likes of me. I did once try to paste a sheet of wallpaper to a wall yet failed abysmally. Also I marvel at people who knit things. I’m not sure why that impresses me, yet it does. Three cheers for Rachel.

  1. I do really hope you get better and thank you very much for expressing yourself through writing, me having my own familly issues, I know is hard and you at least gives us a great read through your carreer. Keep on the fight that is also, seemed quite of weird at the begginning, and have a sense of humour I believe.

    1. My thanks that you posed the question of my forthcoming demise, Sir. I aim to last as long as the ‘nothing’ allows…a good few eons hopefully. I am as fit as an aging butcher’s dog, my sniffles those of a common cold I’ve been advised and my mention previous of my severed quad muscles, an injury from two decades ago incurred when a wayward piece of scum was reluctant to accept legal papers from my hand…notwithstanding the affray that followed, his loss was greater than mine. That said, Regards, The Old Fool

      1. I was actually laughing when I read ” My thanks that posed the question of my forthcoming demise”, have to laugh, my mother has terminal cancer so live day by day and my “humour” can be offensive I know, not my intention, sometimes people like it though and lift up the spirits

      2. Good on you, Sir. It must be a bad time for you and your mother. Humour might not save the day yet without your own brand of humour things would be worse. I wish you well. Regards, The Old Fool

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