Author Interview: Mike Steeden


Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Hello, friends.  A few weeks ago, I encouraged fellow writers (and anyone else who wanted to play along) to write a short story to accompany the writing prompt I featured and then allow me to interview them.   As with many things new, a lot of times people like to wait until they see someone else dip their toe in the water before they take the plunge.  But I anticipated as much when I put the challenge out there.  So, rather than waiting for someone to be the first to respond to my prompt, I’m jumping right into the interview mode, sans the homework.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite Knight of the British Empire, Sir Mike Steeden!   (Okay, he hasn’t technically been knighted yet, but I’m sure once the Queen reads about him here on my blog, she’ll make time on her royal calendar to…

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20 thoughts on “Author Interview: Mike Steeden

    1. My thanks, Cath. I strongly recommend beetroot for fake injuries. Lord only knows what would happen had that idea had not come to mind! Regards, The Old Fool

  1. Congrats!!! I’ll go over to Rachel’s after dinner.
    Seems I fell off your “following”. I just re followed. It’s a WP thing.

    1. My thanks, Michelle Rene. Fun can be as dark as it is light. The Blue-Eyed Cat’ aka Lily does both sides of the optical illusion. A charming gal, with the gift of eternal life. Regards, An Old Fool feeling particularly old this day of self-styled imprisonment.

    1. If only I could count the number of times I’ve been re-classified. Having said that I’m rather liking Forever Young Romantic Fool. My thanks, young lady

    1. My thanks, young Ms Lee. I’m not sure a chap with a DNA count of 81% Russian peasant; a great, great, great grandmother…her name Eliza Mean…a wonderful gypsy gal, coupled with the fact I can’t spell for toffee could ever be considered a Great Master in terms of literature, yet I’ll take the compliment and, once more offer my thanks. Regards, and I trust you and the family remain safe from the wicked virus, The Old Fool

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