inside my head

“How queer? The wretched undertaker told me you were in a bamboo coffin
When in reality you are alive and well living inside my head
If it suits you, you are welcome to stay put here awhile
I’ll tell you what, I’ll go imagine, for us, a spicy fourposter bed

Also, I recall you always cared for night-time’s heavenly perspective
The one from which you could see midnight’s bluest skies
Well you already know that that presents no problems
You can share with me forever the room behind my eyes

And if you are sometimes feeling less than cheerful
We can share red wine, French cheeses and rustic bread
And laugh about the old times and our travels
That way, my darling sweetheart, you’ll not be dead”


blue eyed cat full print cover

Herewith the inevitable ‘Blurb’ for my latest book, a fictional story entitled ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’;
‘A book of mind boggling time-travel, feverish sex, syrupy romance, ho hum history, a dark future, The Moon, Constantinople, Paris and Berlin, human consciousness, infinity, a tongue in cheek take on all things carnal, art for art’s sake and three thoroughly mad yet oh so delightful gals’
Should it take your fancy it can be found at;
I am not entirely sure of other Amazon global links and thus I apologize for not revealing them here.

28 thoughts on “THE ROOM BEHIND MY EYES

    1. My thanks, young Holly. I owe you an apology. To date I’ve not put the Twattersley skit together for no other reason than the stark fact that being ill has/had killed all humour within. I’m advised I’m on the mend. The pills beginning with ‘M’ the true name of which I’ll never fathom or pronounce have more or less done their job, however the atom bomb, mind destructing side effects have left me the grumpiest old fool on the planet. Dear Shirl advises me that I’ve not smiled since February! Whatever, my apologies. Soon I’ll turn our joint efforts into a fine blog post. Enjoy your day, The Old Fool

  1. Fabulous Mike. And thank the sky it was not some damned update of a certain thing…like that is all over the place as it is, or someone’s terminally boring diary of this…

    1. My thanks, Ms S. I wholly agree. That ‘certain thing’ irks, more so on those odd days when one is running low on red wine, yogurt and other edible things…like today. I shall be there, queuing…a megaphone apart…and some bright spark will talk drivel in my direction. I may kill the next person who suggests, ‘Stay safe’…it’s up there with, ‘Have a nice day’. ‘Nice’? What a bland word. Unkown to me previously, locals are seeking dumb conversation. What pray has happened to the social benifits of miserable indiference? I don’t think I’ll ever be a ‘team player’. Today I hope to discover what day of the week it is. Rather than ask, I shall try and work out how to turn on my phone. Now there’s a challenge for The Old Fool

      1. Leaps and shouts YESSSS! I have stopped posting on facebook cos if one more person ses ‘ Stay safe,’ they will be wearing their teeth coming out the back of their heads. I posted this pic of goats at my fav Clachaig Inn sign joking that this was NOT me in disguise and then there were all the stupid comments… this is what makes us strong. Knowing we will go there again. STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. I thought F off. This is not why I posted this and I don’t need your stupid words, any of them. Where the hell am I gonna go just now. What am i gonna do, you cretins? They are all of them sleepwalking towards utter disaster with their stupid bloody bland remarks. I was hearing re your shopping situ from Lord G. I have to say I head for Aldis where the queue banter is out of this world. What Bojo was being called last week by the guy in front of at the checkout was unrepeatable.

      2. Music to my ears, Ms S. ‘Knowing we will go there again’ sums it up. I think the same, knowing France is just 20 miles away. As for Johnson, ‘unrepeatable’ am I. My loathing of the twat and his henchman know no boundaries. Stay Sane.

    1. Strange the ways of WP. Your comment failed to reach my Reader…or whatever the bloody thing might be called. Regardless of their shortcomings, my thanks, Sir.

      1. WP has been giving me the same problems. But each time I openly complain in the comments section, I notice that my stats decline. Am I paranoid or are we being watched?

  2. Love this fabulous poem, TOF!
    What a wonderful room you have behind your eyes!
    The song is very great… but your poem is better!

  3. Aw, this made a little sad. Reminds me of those many times I saw how my grandfather would always keep to one side of the bed when he slept, as though Grandma were right there with him. Most beautiful, Master Steeden xxxxxxxx

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