I think I’ve fallen in love with ‘Geetha’s Song’. As I understand it, Geetha wrote the words for my son, Zoolon, to magic into a song and thus it became Geetha’s song. Beautiful words set to wonderful music, young Geetha.

George Blamey-Steeden


‘Remember how we used to fly away sometimes’ – a line from Geetha’s new song
Artwork by Duy Huynh

Once more I’ve had the privilege of working with Geetha Prod’hom, the talented lady of more artistic skills and genres than I could ever count, per my product, POETRY TO SONG

This time her brand new song, ‘I Wanna Be With You’. To say I had magic words to work with, an understatement.

I don’t think I need say anymore. Her words (words that have that rare special feeling); her song, speaks for itself. Thanks for the opportunity to have worked with you, Geetha.

Time for the headphones, here’s Geetha’s song.

If you don’t follow Greetha’s blog already, you can find her at GEETHA’S BLOG I strongly recommend you pay her a visit.

As ever, if any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then…

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