The Snow White Tigress front cover

During the occupation of Paris the actress Arletty
had a relationship with Hans Jürgen Soehring, a Luftwaffe officer,
and gave the famous riposte to a member of the French Forces of the Interior
interrogating her after the Liberation: ‘My heart is French, but my ass is international’

It seems that the French authorities had Ms Arletty marked down as a Nazi collaborator. How shameful of them. I’m rather impressed with Arletty.  Her mind, her body, her choice, and not a living soul harmed, yet she was found guilty of ‘moral treason’…can there be such a thing? The French being wonderfully French, for her crimes she received a sentence of eighteen months imprisonment, most of which was served in a private chateau…at least a sniff of ‘La Belle France’ panache. Perhaps the powers that be should have been seeking collaborators who had given rise to deaths and bloodshed instead of wasting her time.

That said, on to my new book, ‘THE SNOW WHITE TIGRESS’…an avid dreamer and gal not unlike Arletty.

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A ‘state of isolation’ is not my favourite definition of ‘lockdown’ given the first-class alternative reads, ‘the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot’…much better and not unsimilar to my own experience.

Whatever, without this germ free incarceration during which I researched and penned, round the clock, seven days a week for want of something to do, to the point I made myself sickly, my new book, ‘The Snow White Tigress’, originally planned for release in December 2194 would be, as my old Australian chum might have put it, “As dead as a dodo’s dick.”

Yet here it is, alive and well, the finished article…which is ten times more than I am. You see for the sake of my sanity, or perhaps more akin to my incidental derangement, rather than mask my face during this period when bank robbery is plainly off the menu I found myself writing, writing, swigging something red as and when, then more of the same, a day and night-time repetition I cannot recommend to another living soul. Many words later the net result, the adorable Snow White Tigress…’Frenchie’ to her bosom pals and adversaries alike…is as fit as a butcher’s dog whereas I, as mentioned previous, am not. Surviving on pills, potions and a tad more ‘red’ at least I’ve made it to the finishing post…just.


The tale of a remarkable gal bent upon putting right all the worldly wrongs her puzzling maker overlooked. The proud possessor of a dual personality, when needs must she fights fire with fire, taking on both abominable Nazi’s and their shady sympathisers. An assassin by trade, gate-crashing evil’s jamborees, her forte; administering primal justice her worthy quest.

To the outside world a dynamic operative, yet in the private company of lovers and the like-minded, her alter-ego holds sway, for that half of her lives only to unwittingly reinvent desire’s darkest secrets. The one thing her polar opposite identities can agree upon, the impure delights of untamed romance.

Set mainly in London and Northern France twixt 1936 and 1945, within this tome you’ll find the gal I speak of in all her glory. Known by every man jack as ‘Frenchie’ she is an undeniably accomplished dreamer who lives for unalloyed love, blue-sky sex, and penny plain fair play.


Beneath, the mildly immodest back cover.

The Snow White Tigress back cover-1

‘The Snow White Tigress’ is available across the globe from Amazon as a paperback or on Kindle. Below the UK link.  Herewith the US link AMAZON.COM


36 thoughts on “THE SNOW WHITE TIGRESS by Mike Steeden

    1. Most kind Ms S. I took a risk health wise with this one. For week upon week, rarely leaving the house, most often in a perma-dressing gown…indoors, I stress…I buried myself in the research and the story. An addiction prevailed. The tale became the only thing I was thinking of. Then the blurred eyesight, the dizziness on top of the historical rest. Since finishing the book and under doctor’s strict orders not to spend more than short visits to the keyboard I am beginning to feel my old self…not sure that’s a good thing.

      1. Isn’t it strange in life when something so simple reverses something seemingly complicated, everlasting and certainly unpleasant. The doctor suggested no more the long sessions on the PC if I wanted ‘stress’ to dissipate and with it my health issues. As annoying as that idea was, it works. Five days after taking his advice all is well again…yet the addiction to write persists. Sooner or later I know I’ll get torn into writing once more. If the truth be told, I can’t wait. For now…for my dear wife threatens to kill me if I lurk longer than just 15 minutes at the PC…I shall, in the short term at least, ‘think’ instead of ‘pen’. How are things in Scotland, Ms S? I trust all is well.

  1. Reblogged this on Zoolon Audio and commented:
    I produced the promo video for Mike Steeden’s new book The Snow White Tigress. The vid is in this Reblog. He wanted a song as a backing rather than an instrumental. I think it works.

  2. I will call it another Ase! dear Sir, my friend. it seems that I had the chance to get a family of arts as a friend. It’s a great opportunity for me. 😊🙏
    No need to mention that I’ll run after this new one.

  3. Congratulations for the fruits of your writeathon. If calculated by social distancing years then 2194 sound about right. Cheers 🎩

  4. How simply wonderful. I will be accessing a copy via Amazon. Apart from anything else sh sounds like a delightful lady and I’m sure her table manners were the definition of perfection even if her morals were slightly ambivalent, Well done you and best the very best of luck with this 🙂

    1. Cheers Sir. Very kind of you. ‘Frenchie’ is a charming gal when not putting wrong’s to right. A tad Bohemian with a heart of gold…I think. How are you? My apologies for not dipping into FB too much these days. I find life better on the outside not looking in insofar as that place is concerned. Regardless, good to hear from you.

      1. One day, by some miracle , it would be nice to actually meet, share a pint and lament the current state of the football league but I am truly impressed by your knowledge of this good/ not good lady, and look forward to reading your book 🙂

      2. What I’d give for a pint in a pub. I visit them rarely these days yet still have a soft spot for an English boozer. Our last visit was on a Saturday just 4 days away from what would be known as the ‘lockdown’. Shirl’s first love was visiting us from his home in France. His long standing missus had died after a long illness, the poor chap bereft, his soul gagging for real ale. To see his first smile, by his own admission, since her death as he sipped upon his pint a joy to behold. Yes, the share a pint with you would be a fine thing indeed. Who knows, one day when the virus is just history we should get our act together and do so. A good plan, Sir. By the way The Snow White Tigress is, I stress, a tad risqué. I blame the missus as she always advises whether or not I pushed my luck when writing!

    1. Should it be the case that you lock yourself in writing please do not follow my example. At the commencement of ‘lockdown’ I was already under the quake, suffering from a stress related issue. During the 7 days a week, often 10 hours each day researching and writing, this old fool pushed himself beyond all sensibility finishing up fainting born of too much time on the PC. It has a medical name yet presently I cannot recall. Moreover, at one stage I was reminded by dear Shirl that I’d worn nought but a dressing gown day after day for many days and had barely said a word to her. I felt awful about that. However, being a gal, I anticipate you will not do the foolish things this male idiot was prone to do. Best of good fortune, The Old Fool

      1. Thank you for the warning, MIke. I’m still working full-time, so that keeps me from disappearing into my writing. I hope your health is on the mend.

    1. Very kind of you, Cynthia. I cannot recommend you follow my dubious lead. ‘Tis not good for one’s health…physical and mental. Engrossed and addicted to the project such a selfish thing on my part. Its only benefit, that upon writing each day I had no need of reading back the previous day’s writings as it all remained in my over full head. Had it not been a ‘lockdown’ this book, for certain, would still be a work in process. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. My thanks, Christy B. ‘Tis a strangest of things that lockdown ensure the last two thirds of this tome were penned in just a few virus promoted months rather than the whole year that I had estimated it would take.

  5. Mike, I simple must, must, must spend more time here.
    You, Sir, are amazing.
    Bravo on everything I see/read/witness here.
    Did I say ‘Bravo?’
    Fairly certain I did.
    If not,

    1. My thanks, Sir. My dear wife called me amazing once. I asked her, ‘How so, or should I assume you mean, ‘in bed’?’ Her reposte? ‘You’re kidding? No, I meant you’re an amazing twat.’ That said, she’s got a heart of gold…even if she smells a bit. Regards, TOF

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