YESTERDAY’S JOKER – as was, as is

Cheek by jowl
the restless pigeons
watch and wait
wait and watch
‘No croissant crumbs today guys’
He breakfasts only on
steaming expresso and nicotine

He contemplates this and that
avoiding the issue at hand
always dodging ‘that’ topic
puts it on the back burner
for now he takes the
’round the houses walk’
homeward bound

She does not need to
see him like this
Not again
not again, it is unfair
she deserves better

There is no rationale
to that which arrives
out of the clear blue skies
Dark mind malignancy
trumps cheerful remission
flourishing in the bone marrow of
his once divine substance

He watches her from the doorway
the washing machine gyrates
a kettle screams as it boils alive
she rescues a muddled spider from the sink
spins on her dancing slippers
‘You’re not normal you know’
He nods an affirmative
a nod of palpable regret
Still she smiles
‘It doesn’t matter though
it will pass, you know that
It always does’

‘How do you put up with me?’
She ponders over that question
for just a moment
pad of forefinger
resting quizzically upon
undressed lips
head to one side
‘You make me laugh most times
Oh…that and the fact you are
the love of my life
Will that do?’

A lump of remorse
sticks in the throat of
yesterday’s joker

She deserves better

Should my recent work take your fancy, herewith the links. I believe the Kindle thingy is free; the paperback inexpensive;

Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited although in a crisis I’ve no issue with any reader using the pages of said books as emergency’s loo roll.

45 thoughts on “YESTERDAY’S JOKER

    1. My thanks Onodanta. I’m not sure. In my experience motivation is sometimes, most times, afraid to show its face, and finds itself hiding in darkest corners, away from depression’s infamous aggressive chien noir. For me I allow that hungry dog in the feed all it wants in the knowledge that when full it’ll leave to hunt out another poor soul to feast upon. It doesn’t always work, yet it’s the best method known to me thus far. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. To me, Lauren, from age 1 to 100+ all gals are ‘young ladies’, indeed young ladies who, in my opinion, should rule the globe. Us chaps have made created disaster in that regard from the very moment we evolved. I should know these things as I am 114 years old. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. Vicissitudes indeed, Liz. Life is quite the strangest thing. More so when one has no idea ‘why?’…a subject that has always fascinated me. Regards, The Old Fool

  1. I must appreciate the way you have delineated your thoughts. Just awesome.
    But hey! I have started my blog on positive vibes and inspiration. It will mean world to me if you can stop by my page and shower some love. I will be waiting for your feedback.
    Thanks. Have a great day.❤

  2. I have recently come to realize that your poetry is much better than I had thought.
    Somehow, you work a novel into your words of mystic prose.
    It all comes out in the end, like a batch of laundry… started out in need of cleaning, but in the end is fluffed and folded.
    I adore this piece. My dear YJTOF, she loves you! Just love her back! ❦❦

    1. My thanks, young Risa. What I call ‘almost poetry’ remains my first love for ‘tis therapeutic when pen graces page and in doing so takes the wretched chien noir someplace else. I have a couple of books themed around ‘almost poetry’. Next time I get hold of a few authors copies I’ll send them over. Their titles, ‘’Gentlemen Prefer a Pulse’ and ‘The Shop That Sells Kisses’. Regards, TOF, or better put since having the corona vaccination, TOFWGESEKTH. ‘TOF Who Got Every Side Effect Known to Humankind’.

      1. Truly kind of you to say that, Kelly. More often it is said of me, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. My best wishes, The Old Fool…sometimes referred to as ‘TOF’ for short.

    1. I thought this one rather matched the last 12 months of not just the boredom but the mood I’ve been in most of the time. Indeed I believe I picked the wrong year to become ill in, let alone the wretched corona, Inese. Did I mentoin on top of all that I got a nasty reaction to the vaccine? Aching joints, dog-tired for a week, coughing for a few days etc. etc. Thank goodness Shirl…an impatience gal at the best of times…came to my rescue. I trust all is well with you. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. Oh no, Mike… It is the last thing you need… Are you still coughing?

        God bless Shirl.

        I grew up on poetry. My soul rejuvenates when I read your poems, even the one written in the grim times of Covid:)
        Get better soon.

      2. Thankfully no more coughing, Inese. It only lasted a couple of days straight after the vaccination. All seems well now, yet it was a rotten 7 or so days before a tad of normality kicked back in. It was the aching joints and tiredness that lasted. I’ve still got the second vaccination to go through on May 1st…gulp!

      3. Hope the second one will go smoothly. I only imagine how scary it was to develop the symptoms. I would be terrified…

  3. This feels to this one both pensive and funny–it made me smile. Allbest to you and your family.

    I do think following you again has to be a record, maybe 25 times? WP would make me crazy were it not so funny. Take care.

    1. My thanks. I’ve been a miserable old fool of late. Unwell and a bore to those who care. Still, blue skies have, at last, arrived, all is good. Do take care, yourself. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. My thanks. I’m still the wrong side of being well yet CBD has at least had me in good moods and, to an extent, has given me some control of my destiny. It eases the stress that caused the illness. The only downside is that it costs a small fortune. Regards, The Old Fool

      2. I’ve just been introduced to the products in the form of a salve for my poor knuckles . He had me try a sample before he showed me the price!
        I hope you are well and skipping along the cliffs soon

  4. The remorse all our hearts feel, Master Steeden, when the one we love shares that love when we feel so undeserving…and yet, the joker is in yesterday. What is he–we?–today? I will think: hopeful. 🙂

    My best to your beautifully creative family, my friend! xxxxxxxxxxx

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