Zinnie do you still love me
After all that I have done?
That gal in Nice inconsequential
As was the meaningless fling with the nun

Mind you, my frolic with young Svetlana
I accept did cross the line
So too my affair with that actress
And the model I did wine and dine

And as for bashful Marlene
When you caught us making love
Underneath that lamp light
I’ll admit was no blessing from above

My excuse? You may very well ask
And believe me I owe you the truth
I simply cannot control my loins
Just ask your sister, your sister Ruth

In point of fact ask your auntie
And your mother will tell you the same
For when the mood is about me
All of you obliging gals are fair game

Zinnie do you still love me
After all that I have done?
If so then I’d feel so much better
If you put down that submachine gun

Should my new factual book, an audacious mix of lunacy and social history, ‘An Only Child & His Mum’s Amazing Germ Phobia’ tickle your fancy, you’ll find it at Amazon in both print and Kindle.

Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited although in a crisis I’ve no issue with any reader using the pages of said book as emergency’s loo roll.

49 thoughts on “ZINNIE DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?

      1. I will keep your offer in my back pocket… just in case.
        Thanks for the offer.
        Certainly, there have been times when I could have benefitted from such a professional rendering of services.

      2. OK Mate, here is just one example of when I would’ve taken you up on your very generous offer.
        (I’ll stop spamming you now. I need to get back to my current writing project)
        Take Good Care, My Friend Hariod.


      3. Your site didn’t want to acknowledge me, but I managed to post this: Nicely written little vignette with authentic dialogue; well done!

      4. How odd WP can be. You know, I reckon half those who I follow never appear on my Reader. Are they trying to tell me something…a ‘go forth and multiply’ moment?

  1. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
    I love this!

    Last verse ‘killed me!’
    Pun intended.

    “Zinnie do you still love me
    After all that I have done?
    If so then I’d feel so much better
    If you put down that submachine gun”

    Bravo Mike!

    Women (I Know) I KNOW

  2. Loved the poem! And how could she fail to love you? Really? Hoping to start your book this weekend. We’ve had company and now I’m trying to catch up on all my chores.

  3. LOL!
    Who knows what she’ll do? Love pulls triggers, too!

    Enough double entendre.

    I’m quite enjoying the book, TOF.
    I’m about 1/3 into it.
    I had to take a few days to do the nomination process for the EMMY’S. I am, after all, a voting member.
    That’s done, yesterday.
    I read more today, and am back in the flow of things.

    I’ll do one of my odd style reviews when I’m finished!
    Will keep you posted.

    1. That’s very kind of you, young Resa. On the subject of this wayward chap I write about, despite my arguable bravado I’ve never understood why these chaps are constantly compelled to stray. I had a close friend who died not so long ago. I thought of him when penning this piece. ‘Addicted to women; can’t help myself’ he once confided in me. I’ve never understood the why’s and wherefores of such a mindset…however, he and his kind do, for some obscure reason, amuse me. Regards, TOF

      1. Writers of fiction have for many eons produced substantial tomes about the wayward male. Yet here, with your few words, ‘Stray cats, Stray rats, Stray’ you have penned an entire book in just 5 words. I am genuinely amazed. Hemingway, eat your heart out, young Resa is in town. Regards, TOF

    1. My thanks, LuAnne. You must have overheard the very words of the missus, dear Shirl, who as regular as clockwork lets me know that I should, ‘better start behaving myself’. Best wishes, The Old Fool

      1. The plus is that Shirl’s as mad as a hatter, LuAnne. She ‘who must be obeyed’ is bossy for sure, yet we’ve managed to been glued together since the old king died. On balance, I do what she demands…such fun. Have a splendid weekend. Regards, The Old Fool

  4. Great poem, I love the way you painted a vivid picture lol and that line ‘just ask your sister..’ made me laugh. her intention to blast him off is certainly justified, me thinks

  5. “Zinnie do you still love me
    After all that I have done?
    If so then I’d feel so much better
    If you put down that submachine gun”

    This was absolutely brilliant. I was reading and then suddenly in hysterics. Thank you!

    1. My thanks. For a galaxy of good reasons I have, long since, believed that women should rule the planet…I shan’t bore you with my lengthy list of reasons. However, when writing fiction, poems, verse, whatever, my rule of thumb has always been that the gals must be victorious. Zinnie is one of those gals. I’m so pleased you took to this one. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. I always have time for a good story, and little bores me… so if you’re interested in posting/commenting to let me know, I would love it. I also agree with the sentiment.

        I love Zinnie because of all the beautiful nonsense being spewed and then “put down the gun”. It made me think of… every woman in the world who catches a guy (although they usually don’t admit quite as much as he did in yours), It also reminded me of Chicago where she walks in on him and he says “are you going to believe what you see or what I tell you?” And she shoots them all.

      2. Once again, my thanks. If it is of interest, herewith the draft dedication of a new book I’ve been playing around with for the last 15 months. The book shall…I think…be called ‘Mayday’. It reads, ‘This book is dedicated to the fairer sex. I have, long since, been of the opinion that women should take charge of this abused globe we live upon. Too long have we suffered from the stark frailties, blind stupidly and brutality of the alpha male leaders. ‘Tis about time the gals, given their instinctive compassion, their unique ability to do many ‘things’ at once, and, of course, their loveliness in all of its glorious definitions, had their turn.’ Part of me says ‘tis too wordy for a dedication, the other part rather likes it. Regards, The Old Fool

      3. I actually really love it. However, I think a little more Zinnie should be in it. That’s an ass kicking woman who will brook no foolishness. That being a part of that would be awesome. Like “,,,to do many ‘things’ at once including keeping men in check” or something like that. I think it’s beautiful, and if you tweek it a little, I’m sure that if you wanted to make it shorter, you could. Or you could just adjust the margins fo that one page, and make the font a size smaller than the rest of the book and *BOOM* it looks like it fits and isn’t too wordy LOL

        Also, it’s just my opinion, but I would avoid dedicating it to the “fairer sex.” It almost starts it off on a note where you are using terms which show women as lesser to make the point that they’re better. If that makes sense. It’s like the word “but” – you’re going to say something BUT which means forget what I just said, pay attention to what I’m saying now which is the complete opposite of what I said. You can put what I suggested in there. Dedicated to the strong women, or the ass kicking women…something like that

      4. What a jolly good riposte. I wholeheartedly agree. I think…live in hope…that my new character, ‘Mayday’ is that ‘ass kicking woman who will brook no foolishness’. A Zinnie with considerably more ‘attitude’. As to the ‘fairer sex’ I believe my use of the expression gives away the fact that I’m 114 years old. What I see as a compliment, is a dead in the water expression. The basis of my ‘compliment’ take on the subject being essentially that women don’t need muscle, anger and domination to get their case across. Female gentleness begets man power these days. There is still a long way to go, but the gals are getting there. That said, and following a snippet of research, I am bound, as said, to agree with you. Methinks I’m past my sell by date.
        One of the dictionaries I accessed said this, “The fairer sex’ – Females in general. This cliché, which is rapidly dying out, is a direct translation of the French ‘le beau sexe’, a phrase popularized by the English journalists Joseph Addison and Richard Steele (“That sex which is therefore called fair,” The Spectator newspaper, 1712). It was already a cliché by the time Arthur Conan Doyle (The Second Stain, 1905) put it in Sherlock Holmes’s mouth: ‘Now Watson, the fair sex is your department’. The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its emphasis on the physical appearance of women and girls.”
        It is thus a rethink is required.
        Another aspect of life generally similar to this is what I…to date…see as good manners, namely holding open shop doors for women and such like. I tend to get more frowns than thanks’…not that I’ve ever seek ‘thanks’, these days. Moreover it wasn’t that long ago when travelling by rail, a crowded train, that I offered up my seat to a young pregnant gal. Her scowl and her refusal of my offer rather took me aback. At least my wife gets to have a laugh at my expense.
        Anyway, I am in complete agreement.
        Regards, The Old Fool

      5. There is so much to unpack in this statement! Please forgive me, my mental prowess is limited at the moment as I just woke up, but I will try.

        I look forward to some Mayday reading, that should be interesting!

        You are very unlikely to by 114 years old, or else everyone would know your name as they would talk about you every year on the news on your birthday. Plus typing and reading on the computer would probably be a miserable experience rather than a creative one.

        There is no “sell by date” to believe that women kick ass. There is however, a difference between what a man thinks he’s saying and what a woman is hearing, at least sometimes. “The Fairer Sex” is a perfect example of that.

        I am a feminist, but not particularly “the right kind.” I love the song “A Hymn to Him” from “My Fair Lady.” The title of the movie is exactly what you said, just worded a little different, and based on a book titled “Pygmalion”. The book was so titled because of a ancient Greek myth where a king brought a beautiful statue to life to be his bride. Neither is particularly “feminism” at it’s finest, and the lyrics to that song are COMPLETELY not feminist. If I’m walking into a store and a man holds the door for me,

        I ALWAYS say thank you, then I hold the second door open for him. If he tries to take that door from me, I will give a scowl and he goes through. It is not that I think he’s trying to take my power or independence from me using a door, it’s that I was raised to repay kindness (which it is) with kindness if the situation calls for it. If someone visits your home and brings a bottle of wine that they think you would like, it is only right to bring a bottle of whatever it is they like when you are invited into their home. Yes, I was raised to never show up empty handed, but if they don’t need anything to help with the dinner, sometimes you get drinks, sometimes you get flowers, sometimes you bring dessert; but if they brought nice alcohol for you, then you return the favor, but tailor it to their tastes. That’s the right and proper thing to do.

        Sometimes women react strangely to people who offer minor kindnesses like a seat on the train. To me, that is not “feminism”, it’s asinine. Women should not have to fight the glass ceiling or beg to be permitted to do jobs they are qualified for over men, or make less than men for the same jobs. However, if you’re obviously pregnant, a man offers you his seat, you say “thank you” or “no thank you” not scowl at the kindness. People take everything too far.

        Back to the main point though, if you were to say that I was the “fairer sex” to me, I would probably laugh and say retort about being smarter thus more “fair and balanced” than a man. But reading it with an eye to OTHER readers, I felt I should let you know that a lot of women would take (needless) umbrage to that. The only thing I hate is when I’m minding my own business and a man walks up to me and tells me to smile because I’d be much prettier if I smile. Last time that happened to me, I had a flat tire and was changing it in a parking lot. Mr. Chivalry didn’t even offer to help, but expected me to smile as if I were going to be on the cover of Vogue’s Smile for No Reason edition. At him, I scowled and had some biting comeback which I don’t remember. Mr. Chivalry who felt I should smile more so I could be “pretty” got upset that I didn’t just smile at him like I was ordered to do (said that out loud, really he did), and called me a female dog then glared at me like that was going to cause me to cower to his will. Instead I said something along the lines of “if I were a real bitch, I’d probably just bite you.” He told me to F myself and got in his car (never ONCE offering assistance with my tire). Actually, a woman overheard the entire thing and came over to me and told me “you know, you should smile more, then assholes like that won’t leave you to change your tire by yourself. You get the spare, i’ll finish jacking it.”

        Yeah, sometimes, the “fairer sex” thing is funny. Sometimes people extend it further where we’re always supposed to have a smile, a homemade pie, and pearls. So, just rewording it can help you stave off any women who would be miraculously offended by someone who is clearly using the phrase in a jestful tone. Some don’t get jest, some just don’t have a sense of humor, and some just wouldn’t get it because they don’t understand the history of the terminology. Because I do, it is not offensive to me (but very little is), but not many people walk around with a decent amount of Greek mythology floating around in their heads, a general interest in etymology of common phrases or words, and the history of reading as much literature as I have to understand that it can be used in a way that is not intended to be a negative, but rather as a contrast to the remaining portion of the intro. Mostly, they would get to that part, get pissed, and instead of bothering to finish something that’s less than 50 words, they’d start a women’s march on your front step.

        And whatever you do, don’t let the rude people who don’t say thank you get to you. I’ve met plenty of men who are more than willing to have a woman hold the door for them, not say thank you, then stop and wait at the second door for a woman to open it because they think that since women don’t want them to open the door for them, but women should be subservient, we should hold the door for them, as if it’s an expectation. I have actually just stood and waited until they either got frustrated and opened the door, when I would skitter through very quickly with a thank you, or I would go around to a different entrance because I’d rather put in the extra steps than feed that kind of misogyny.

        Regards, The Feminist who loves weird non-feminist stuff too

      6. I call all women ‘young’ be they genuinely young, very old or in-between. You’ll see them across most of my blog replies. What I like about that is the reaction. Not once have I been called ‘the old fool’…quite the opposite, and regardless ‘tis a thing I call myself. We all treasure being ‘young in mind’…well I hope that’s the case…and I‘ve yet to be accused offensive wording. However, taking your valuable point…and it is valuable to an old fool like me…henceforth, ‘fairer sex’ is off the menu.
        I think I was ahead of most other males…blinkered males, the lot of them…when it came to the rebirth of feminism (accepting that the 1920’s suffragettes fought their cause yet never really won the day. A great shame). Shirl and I ran our PI business throughout the mid 1990’s up until 2008 when we sold it. Our success, I think, that of employing female staff, paid at a rate mirroring their abilities and equal to male equivalents. That our staff were 80% female and well paid a thing I’m proud of. Our managers also were exclusively female. Young men talked the talk, and walked the walk, while our gals got on with the task they were on. Come bonus time I can’t recall anyone other than the girls got said bonuses. I truly believe that it’s through the job market that equality will be achieved.
        At least in politics the beginning of equality exists. In Germany, Scotland and New Zealand, women are running the showl. Not only that they’re running their countries better than their male counterparts ever could do.
        As for me, I can’t help my perceived good manners…albeit old-fashioned. Indeed, like you have intimated here, we all have of rules of thumb. One of mine is that kindness trumps all, notwithstanding one’s sex.
        By the way, on virtually all the social media I might appear on, my claim of ridiculous age also appears. It started with the now…to me…pointless Facebook who to this day still post my supposed birthday to one and all. I think I might be 117 on Facebook presently. I’ve not checked it lately. Whilst I like cake, cats and kids, multitudes of them across said Facebook sends me insane. Other than that, as I’ve made mention in my WP ‘About’ page, I am a time-traveller. That’s true…honest.
        Regards, The Old Fool

      7. If anyone gets offended by being called young, they are insane and you should ignore them. It just means they’re actually too young to appreciate it. Male or female.

        “One of mine is that kindness trumps all, notwithstanding one’s sex.”
        This is a great rule to live by, and again, if someone can’t handle it then it’s not worth a second thought. They can either handle it or not. Be you, and continue to be the person you are and kindness is always worth extending even if the person doesn’t know how to accept it.

        Well, it’s nice to meet you Lazarus Long! Never thought I’d get the pleasure!

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