An ‘undress me if you dare’
frock of early morn’s visionless
mist spares the moorland her blushes
Not that the Sun God gives a damn
for he has no regard for modesty
no scruples and will unveil her in his own time
only then she will be unmasked in all her glory

I found the girl in the raven’s wing widow’s shroud
knelt beside a black blood tinged corpse
in the mire of a battlefield turned stagnant
all about her mortal carrion as far as the eye could see
strewn this way and that, far and wide

“What are you doing young lady…this is no place for a woman?”

She either didn’t hear or was
disposed to simply ignoring me
I repeated myself a little louder
prompting a pointed riposte

“You patronise me Sir…besides I am merely counting the Jacobite dead of Culloden if you must know, nothing more.”

“You’ll be here some little time longer then I’m guessing!”

“Long as it takes to document the damage done by the insatiable blinkered flag wavers. I’ll be on my way as soon I have put names to rotting flesh.”

“Why the shroud…have you lost your man here?”

“Each and every one was mine.”

I would, in normal circumstances, have
asked her name, passed the time of day
maybe I should have yet that would mean
an interruption of remembrance
A cardinal sin

I sensed her out of the ordinary even back then
In the 250 odd years since that dreadful rout
from time to time our paths have crossed
always in the aftermath of mankind’s subjective
knee jerk reaction to lust, power, greed, revenge

The Somme, Auschwitz, The Killing Fields, Hiroshima
wherever the soil got stained crimson I happened upon her
she as ever identifying the dead, ticking off names
I have come to believe she is the daughter of the one I once knew well

Her name?
Matters not, she seeks no plaudits

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39 thoughts on “MS EARTH & DR TIME

    1. As you know far better than I do Culloden, a classic example of the beginnings of vile forced eternal integration of one unwilling, independent nation into another expanding empire…an Empire I loathe, always have. Writing this piece, young Ms S, it simply had to start with Culloden.

      1. It’s strange you know young Ms S, for on balance I’d like to see this globe of ours as ‘one nation’. Patriotism, in general terms, a thing I despise. However, general terms are meaningless when ethnic groups have be hard done by…and worse, when women, males and offspring are belittled, murdered, land destroyed by those across borders who intend to have their land as their own. To me that’s Scotland’s present and historical position…your English curse. How dare the English take what they wanted/want still without agreement of the Scots. As you know, I have zero pride in being English. I was thinking just the other day, when the time comes for me to cross The Channel again and post the stupid, racist Brexit I shall have to turn up as an Englishman, never again to be a European. I find it shameful. Were I a Scot I would find a British passport an insult. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, I’m on the side of the Scots, always have been.

      2. No, I am with you all the way here Mike. Start to finish actually, i know what you mean by one world too. The thing is so many messes in the world today have their roots in imperialism. Countries used and abused to suit ends …always under the pretext of helping. (Aye themselves tae what’s there for them.) So many people are not like that but when you come across these who are, especially on foreign soil I have to refrain from punching them!!!, I mind one day way back, in Spetses town, we were staying on a beach miles away but nipped in and there was this English twat of a woman berating the shipowner a lovely guy who was doing everything to try to please her, because he didn’t speak English. ‘Does anyone in this bloody place speak English? ‘ she went to me as she stormed out. i thought ‘ I do but i am no gonna say.’ That poor man was in an awful state actually.

      3. Plainly you know this already, yet the English, given their debatable history, are the worst for they seem to believe they are ‘better than the rest’. The industrial revolution was born, slavery its fodder. All the way from the new lands across The Atlantic came goods of all sorts for Northern factories to knock out goods ‘farmed’ by black slaves those same English scum had delivered up far, far away from their homelands. And yes, I too have come across the Surrey brigade…I was born and brought up there…and the constant demand for the universe to speak only in English. We are on the same page young Ms S. Even as I write I feel the need to burn another flag that insults those of other religious beliefs along with those, like me, who have no religion…however, likely I shan’t given that Rosie the new puppy has just this moment run off with yet another of my slippers…the new ones replacing the originals she ate upon arrival! Such is life.

      4. PS…the amount places where they are utterly detested, because of that brigade, is no-one’s biz. We hae aye been at great pains to say, We are Scots.

  1. Hi Mike, I hope you’re having a good August, I’ll give you a link to your post. Thanks for helping. You can answer me these questions to get to know yourself better as an author and post them on Gobblers. You can pass them on to me at saludos Juan re crivello

    What is the story of your greatest longing?

    What do you most want now?

    How do you imagine tomorrow?

    Who is… (put tu nombre here?

    Remember to include photo: personal file

    1. Once more my thanks. I shall take to thinking more than is usual thus ensuring I answer your interesting questions with a degree of actuality and, as ever, a hint of lunacy. Just give me a couple of days and I shall make contact.

    1. You know what, Liz. I ‘follow’ your blog yet not once have you ever appeared on my ‘Reader’. I’ve up to 500 similar follows/following. Whatever, I have now made due not upon your blog that they will send me an email when you post…I live in hope WP do not let me down again. As to this post, my sincere thanks. Cruel/sad events on this globe of ours, be they historic or present have lived/will live in my head forever. I’m one of those abject dullards who harps on ‘justice’ where foul play has been timed out. I’m glad you see where I’m coming from. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. Hi, Mike. The WP gremlins have been wreaking havoc with followers and notifications for months.

        Justice does seem to be hard to come by these days–so the harping is needed.

    1. My thanks. I shall search for the movie. I see it’s set in 1920, a period of history I’m fond of in many a particular way + it’s French and the French take on art forms always trumps the rest in my book. Splendid and once more, my thanks.

  2. TOF,

    You’ve beautifully written another heart breaker.
    That’s what you are, a heart breaker, but not of the usual kind.
    You are of the unusual kind; reminding all, of the cruelty of kinds.

    1. My thanks, young Resa. ‘Tis true, I’ve always done the best I can to support those who have trouble fighting back. I rarely succeed yet I never give up. As I write Rosie the puppy dog just ate my new slippers (one of, I should say)…woops! Regards, TOF

      1. I seek an amputation of the right foot, young Resa. That’s now two right foot slippers ripped apart. Thank the judicious ‘L’ord my left foot both times for it…left foot, that is…has always been my politics. I think a new madness is about me…most of the family have told me thus…its source my 4 weeks giving up of tobacco. Day to day life is now way beyond me,I want a ‘fag’ so bad. Regards, the oldest fool ever…i’e. IOFE

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