4 questions to Mike Steeden

My thanks to Juan re crivello for throwing a few questions in my direction. ‘Twas fun indeed.

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

We started posting 4 questions to our writers, today Mike Steeden, but … it has led to “non-classic” answers … Blog Mike Link -j re crivello -editor.

-J re crivello: What is the story of your greatest longing?

-Mike Steeden: An interesting question, Sir. In many respects I long for the impossible…don’t we all?

An example, albeit obscure. Back in my time-travelling days I once found myself debating with none other than a bloke called John. John himself, the famous one, not just any old John. He and I found ourselves in a boozer south of the River Thames just prior to the First Crusade that kicked off in the year 1097, a war in the Middle East sanctioned by John’s old chum called Popey ‘Glug-A lot’ Urban.

Holding a hand-grenade in one hand, a pint of real ale in the other, and Nell Gwyn’s younger sister, scantily clad upon…

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12 thoughts on “4 questions to Mike Steeden

  1. My fave part was the part about Shirl!
    Seems she and I have clumsiness in common!
    Your Mayday sounds intriguing, TOF!
    How’s the puppy? Any slippers left?

    1. Shirl is clumsiness defined. A tomboy, she has over the years many a scare about her person A nutter, in short…and bossy with it. As to Rosie the puppy her latest ‘trick’ is that of rolling upon what the local fox leaves behind…most unpleasant…on the basis she gets a bath. Rosie loves bathing daily. I was going to name Rosie, ‘Mayday’ yet bellowing ‘Mayday’ in the parks and fields was something Shirl wouldn’t have…spoilsport! Regards, TOF

      1. Yes TOF, Mayday would have caused havoc!
        Well, if I were to ever meet Shirl, we’d have a clumsy-off. It wouldn’t be a contest or anything. We would just be naturally flipping about.

      2. The wonderful thing about Shirl is her ability to enjoy herself no matter what…well that and bruises, scars and acidental cuts. I think the both of you would get along fine; take this as a compliment yet I sense you both possess the magic of glorious madness. Regards, TOF

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