She now plants landmines 
where she once stationed azaleas 
but then spring is long past 
now, high sun skirmishes 
beseech to ignite the 
bonfires of autumn 
worse still, Jack Frost stirs 
rubbing his eyes, yawning 
rousing himself once more 
mischief, as ever 
his vexing wheeze 

that was then
when the ball was
still in play 

He stands, hands on hips
curtains drawn wide open
back bedroom, top of the house
watching her prune
whatever it is she prunes
him, pondering the point
as to how from sustainable
stalemate she has
broken through his lines
to claim victory in a self-rule
he sees only as his rout 

That this is a mere flash
an event anterior
to the cerebral scars
of invidious bloodbath
is the only saving grace
for this amiable jester
long since salvaged, now
woven tightly into the
threads of seasoned
new love's genius, and
the taffeta cloak
masking for him alone
her bountiful treasures

Should you fancy any of my books, then if you ‘click’ the appropriate book’s front cover to the right of this page, then it’ll take you direct into Amazon where both print and Kindle options are available.   

Copyright © 2014-2021. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited although in a crisis I’ve no issue with any reader using the pages of said book as emergency’s loo roll.

43 thoughts on “A CLOAK OF TREASURES

    1. Very kind of you, young Ms S. This ‘almost poem’ was all about the time many, many years gone by when marriage number 1…I’d married far to young…had fallen apart, yet good fortune was on my side when sometime later I bumped into mad Shirl and have never looked back…save perhaps this piece. Have a splendid weekend, you and yours. Regards, The Old Fool

  1. Very strong and at the same time floating, dear Sir. And Simon & Garfunkel “Dangling Conversation” (one of my favourites) fits perfect!
    PS: In your picture with Bonzo, from your memorandum, in the front of a house. You look very like Tony Iommi, you know, from Black Sabbath. 😉👍

    1. Cheers, John. I’m nothing if not lazy. Marketing hither and yon is something I should perhaps do more of. As such, all my tomes are lurking within Amazon/Kindle. Regardless, my sincere thanks, Sir

  2. How lovely, TOF!
    You have so much respect and love for women. You are a softie tofftie.
    Love the tune you picked to go with this.

    Now, if I may add, having seen the words “Jack Frost”
    🎼 Jack Frost roasting on an open fire,
    Chestnuts nipping at your nose. 🎼

    1. Very kind of you to say, young Resa. I belive gals should rule the planet and beyond. Us chaps have ruined everything thus far in evolotion. This day I still suffer from yesterday’s event when puppy Rosie running at an increderble speed knocked me clean out when our heads smashed together. She got me in the temple, her bonce clashing with mine, following which I was 100% sparko for a time. Fortunatly she was unharmed. I wonder how many people on the planet have been decked by a puppy…methinks this is one for the media. Have a fine weekend, you and yours, TOF

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