What with a bucket of research prior to penning this new book, along with the night and day process of writing it, it really has been a long time coming yet, at last, a rather lovely ‘Mayday’ finally gets to see the light of day. In that regard, the infamous ‘blurb’ provides a…hopefullyworthy hint of ‘what and who’ dear Mayday ‘is’. Below, said ‘blurb’;

‘The girl known as ‘Mayday’ was born a fully-fledged human being, her creator, a professor of remarkable ingenuity for he had ensured that she had amazing capabilities jealous scientists could never fathom…capabilities that easily trumped any claimed miracles from days of yore. Moreover, as she evolved she realized she had the wherewithal to cure the sick, feed the starving and humble the wicked at the blink of an eye. However, her accomplishments were also her curse for in religious circles the powers that be could not accept that she was a bona fide mortal, after all she was not born of womankind, nor sanctioned by their alpha-God who would never countenance a female messiah. They considered her an irritating robotic, and rather than allow her to rock their boat and save humanity, they sought her legal execution.

This is Mayday’s extraordinary story, told by the man who loved her so.’

Should it be of interest, this tome is available in the UK and way beyond these shores via AMAZON. ‘Tis for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED, alternatively just £3.29 on regular KINDLE or, if the PAPERBACK takes your fancy, a mere, £6.99 or equivalent outside of the UK.

Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited.

52 thoughts on “‘MAYDAY’

      1. Thanks, Liz. Annoyingly the IBS doesn’t give up…there is no cure…hence I’m stuck with it. Stress related the cause as it has my brain out of kilter with the gut…a common thing I’m told, such is live. Never mind, they say. Regards, Mike

    1. Sorry to take so long answering, young Ms S. Late afternoon we had to flit over to Canterbury to the Sunday vet…at vast bloody cost…to save little Rosie’s life of sneakingly scoffing things poisonous. All things seemingly better now, hence my thanks, at last. I’m getting too old for this, yet love the little monster.

      1. My thanks. Little Rosie is a tab her old self this morning, although we have to ration her grub. That aspect is not one she’s keen on. This should be an interesting day…if she has a fault it’s scoffing anything and everything she takes a fancy. I’m guessing a fine story will evolve this day!

  1. Kudos, Mike! I’m going to have to check this out as I am infinitely fascinated by how religion always seems to have an outsized effect on how the world gets along.

    1. ‘Tis an odd book is this one, a ‘bit’ of everything yet I’ve done my best to define exactly what you have just said, namely, ‘…how religion always seems to have an outsized effect on how the world gets along’. Additionally Mayday within her risqué self represents, in colloquial terms, latter-day ‘girl power’. Best of good fortune, Pam. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. My thanks for your interest, LuAnne. My lovely lady Rachel Carrera in Florida designs and sets up all the Amazon/Kindle ‘things’ for me,..as I am so useless…commencing with the US. Best regards, Mike aka The Old Fool

  2. Amazing, TOF! Congratulations on another book. It sounds fab.
    LOVE the cover! Would love to read it!

    To coin a saying I made up; “Never judge a book by its cover, unless there’s a gown on it!”

    As I think you already know, I’ve been boycotting Amazon for 6 years now.
    I do have a Kobo account. It was a Canadian company, so I felt a trust. Then after I set up my account, they sold to Rakuten. I’m sure that’s a fancy word for ‘Racket”. Anyway, I’ve kept my account. At least they take PayPal.

    1. I’m more than happy to post you a paperback version of Mayday. I appreciate/respect your reactions to my previous books. If your good with that I’ll send it in January when hopefully our tiny post office at the rear of a grocers shop will have made sure those in the massive queues wear masks and keep their distance…unlike my recent visit there when I got stuck between a very old lady in front of me who…I presume was stone deaf…smelly farted her way to the counter, and to my rear a young gal mask-less stood uncomfortably close to me. Having politely suggested she should stand back a little thus ensuring both herself and me had little space she used four-letter words. Normally I’d respond. This time no…I just wanted out of there…more so as the new virous variation is rampant in the UK presently. The stats have gone through the roof. More people hospitalised than ever before and a Government playing silly games to appease the morons out there who don’t seem to care. Sorry, that was a tad lengthy. Anyhow, the book will be on its way asap. Regards, TOF

      1. OBOY! Thanks TOF!
        Omicron is out of control here, too!
        Please do wait until January to post the book, when the farters will be at home, and the maskless in the hospital!

    1. My thanks. ‘Tis a fine picture from way back to the 1920’s, more or less around the time when Mayday was created. Have a fine festive season with a ton of presents.

    1. Herewith an excerpt, a tad lengthy hence my apolgies.

      ‘In the beginning…’
      Prior to her exploitation, she had privately deduced she needed hard currency and friends. That to be immersed within this human race, such things paid worthy dividends yet time was not on her side, she would be carbon dust by dawn’s first light
      her incineration, the chosen method, ridding the cosmos of the blight the wise men perceived as actual, for she defied all nature’s laws overlooking entirely that she was Aristotle’s final cause.
      Given a choice in the matter she would never have opted to be one of a kind. Sadly, she was never afforded a say. In hindsight, and given her current situation, her designer had come to a similar conclusion, namely that he should have kept her very existence a confidential thing until the time was right.
      It was at The Newton Society of London, arguably once the epicentre of natural history and taxonomy he first let his, upon reflection, diseased self-esteem part company with sanity, and had proudly presented her in all her glory to his peer group of esteemed biologists, many of them specialists in human experimentation heralding from Germany along with interested academics. His presumption that his genius would bring forth accolades and plaudits across all corners of the globe, sadly ill-founded. Instead, he would be vilified by one and all as the creator of a monster that challenged the authenticity of the human species being at the very zenith of The Tree of Life.
      Two poached eggs set upon a nest of saagwala her randomly chosen, and certainly unexpected, last supper. That the self-effacing duty officer acceded to her request, an act of startling kindness toward one who was, in essence and indeed, in reality a miraculous collection of handpicked organic cells encased, as of the moment, in a ghastly prison cell in a place far, far away from the public eye.
      “I’ve heard tell you have the same emotions, same intelligence, same state of consciousness as a regular human being, yet you cannot catch a head cold?” so said the tender-hearted officer.
      “You are almost correct yet I am, however, apparently capable of crying, laughing and dancing a waltz when and if the mood ever takes. I should perhaps add that I never fart or belch.”
      “What do you mean by ‘almost’ correct?”
      “The average human has a myriad of unused brain cells. The professor tells me he designed my brain, as it was pieced together to function using its entirety of cells giving me psychic powers and the ability to move things, any things, by mental effort alone and also an extra-sensory perception as well as many other things, although he never fully explained what he meant by ‘things’. Anyhow, all of this means little to me presently but apparently, as I develop, in the fullness of time, I will be able to cure all of mankind’s malaise. Sadly, ‘the fullness of time’ is something I’ll never know.
      “Time plays funny games, who knows what tomorrow will bring,’ then, still trying his level best not to laugh at her ‘fart or belch’ remark, he gathered his sensibility and continued, “Why did he…that professor bloke who made you…name you ‘Mayday’?”
      “Because that was the day he completed his work; the first of May, the day I came into being”
      “I hear your professor is banged up doing forced labour in some British owned archipelago now, by the way. Anyhow, so it’s true you never had a childhood; you just came into being as you are now?”
      “Yes, I was not born of a mother. I am ‘one of a kind’ they say…well that plus the fact they see me as a threat to your species were I to breed with one of you. Moreover, many don’t like the thought of a highbred, I understand, as it conflicts with long held devout religious beliefs. Those people think me the Devil’s daughter.”
      Was it a tear she saw in his eye as he carried on, “You are not the Devil’s daughter, you are the most beautiful creature there has ever been; you deserve better than the fate that awaits”
      “Thank you, kind Sir.”
      “Do you know why the professor just made the one version of you? I mean to say he could surely have come up with a male prototype to keep you company? He could have called you Eve and him Adam I’m guessing!”
      “If I recall he said, ‘There is more scope for compassion within the female of any species, no place for a male in the new order I envisage’ or words to that effect”
      Later, into the early hours, over more than a glass or two of moonshine
      he shared memories with Mayday, told of his childhood days, so sublime.
      With that he unlocked her cell door, took her hand, made good her getaway.
      Even now in the public domain all that is really known of her is just her name
      …the name ‘Mayday’
      My thanks for your interest. Regards, The Old Fool,

      1. Yeah, if I were designing a saviour I’d definitely make it female. The excerpt really shows off your writing style, giving us a chance to see if we like it, so thanks!

  3. Hello there. . . I’ve seen your name on some sites I subscribe to. We’ve crossed paths, so to speak, on my pal Mr Musclehead Chris’ site, and also on GPCox, and Redstuffdan too. I do enjoy your writing and have looked over your site from time to time….and now subscribe !

  4. Reblogged this on Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry and commented:
    So. Mike Steeden (mikesteeden, AKA The Old Fool – TOF -has captured me again. Next thing you know I’ll be reading Smexy Historical Romance from Shehanne Moore. It’s the Gulf Stream sending those poor benighted fools Out There all this Lunacy. I prefer to find reality twisted and tainted to mine own purposes. C’mon Mike give us something chewy.

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