As I understand it, Ms Mayday is more than a tad chuffed that my son George gifted this video he’d produced covering the story of her life, as well as suppling his backing music, a wonderful…and in so many ways pertinent to her unique tale…piece he’d composed entitled ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’. I meant to put this on my previous ‘Mayday’ post, yet forgot…such is the old fool that I am!

That said, a Splendacious Festive Season to one and all.

Should it be of interest, this tome is available in the UK and way beyond these shores via AMAZON. ‘Tis for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED, alternatively just £3.29 on regular KINDLE or, if the PAPERBACK takes your fancy, a mere, £6.99 or equivalent outside of the UK.

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    1. My thanks, Liz. I must confess I should have remember the video when posting last week, yet somewhere along the line I forgot it. As to George’s compositions I think he has no idea how clever he is. Have a splendid Christmas.

    1. My thanks, Marina. I must say that when one…like me…is nought but an old fart with the brains of a turnip, things that should be remembered hide in the shadows. ‘Tis annoying as I knew when posting last week that something was missing. I’m pleased you like the music. My son is a fine composer and all you hear is entirely his work alone. You’ll find him on Spotify and Bandcamp plus all the others places the names of which I’ve forgoten under the name George Blamey-Steeden should you wish to listen some more. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. My sincere thanks, Sir. You are a poet up right there with the great late Paul Lenzi…a man of the right wing, a thing I am not, yet we found a balance I treasure even now. In regards to ‘Mayday’, ’tis a tale that evolves, always building, albeit it a tad risqué…by necessity…along the way. Regards, The Old Fool

      1. I have many of his books, Ken. Have you any of your own that I might order? I’ve been reading your work on WP for a long time…would be a fine thing if I could add your poetry to my collection.

    1. Cheers. My son is a fine composer of music. He’s on Spotify, Bandcamp and loads I can’t recall under the name George Blamey-Steeden. I’ll let him know you liked this one. Regards, Mike

  1. Loved the book promo and the background music builds up curiosity for the plot, especially the sounds that remind of flying helicopter – very effective. Hope you have a joyous New Year!

    1. Many thanks, Inavukic. The music certainly fits the progress of the story as Mayday evolves. After a lot research pre the writing and 18 months later I was glad to have finish this tome. Do have the most splendid year ahead, Regards, The Old Fool

  2. Fab vid and soundtrack Mike. I look forward to reading! Happy holidays to you and yours. 🙂 I’ve shared around. Strangely, when I tweeted this post, your name wouldn’t attach?

    1. My thanks, young Ms DGKaye. Do have a stupendous New Year. I was only wondering the other day if said tome had touched base in time for Christmas…although knowing the UK postal system I expect that is not the case. Regards, Mike

  3. Love George’s stuff. If I ever get my novel in shape to go out, I’m going to get in touch with George for trailer music.
    Which begs the question, what has happened to George’s blog? I seem to have been left off the list somehow. I know he changed sites, but maybe he stopped blogging.

      1. Wow, sorry to hear that. Send along my best, 🥰 Mike, and I hope he’s using it to create great content. When fishermen can’t go to sea 🌊 they repair their nets. 😘

  4. George is talented…. no doubt!
    I like these promos he does. I don’t visit him often enough. There’s too many wonderful & talented people out here on WP. It was much easier when I had 100 Followers.
    I don’t know how everyone keeps up?
    Anyway, he’s on my VISIT list.
    Looking forward to reading MAYDAY!

  5. Congratulations on your latest release, Mike and wow, the video is superb! I love the music, it’s haunting, ethereal and with such epic scope, it reminds me of a film score – and reading about the book I could see this would be perfect for the movies! Off to listen to more of your son’s extraordinary music on Spotify!

    1. I enjoyed writing this one. The power of the female along with choice over demand as its theme. As of now, Rosie the delightful puppy demands a lot hence pen to paper isn’t the easiest thing. Such is life.

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