Not once in the whole of this old fool’s 114+ years on this planet have I narrated anything, yet as of now I’ve done just that very thing curtesy of my son…who put the entire thing together and who insisted I ‘give it a go’. ‘Give it a go’ he says? I’ve done my level best in the 5 minutes allocated. Whether I’ve done it ‘well’ a matter of humorous debate, at best, methinks. Still, I’m fond of doing things that wish lists deny.

On the subject of my son, the musician going by the name of George Blamey-Steeden, herewith his number, ‘Pride & Time’; a song via Spotify (below) that seems to me fit the mood of ‘Mayday’s’ story as written in my tome in many ways. My thanks, George.

As to said new book, ‘MAYDAY’, should it be of interest, this tome is available in the UK and way beyond these shores via AMAZON. ‘Tis for FREE on KINDLE UNLIMITED, alternatively just £3.29 on regular KINDLE or, if the PAPERBACK takes your fancy, a mere, £6.99 or equivalent outside of the UK.

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43 thoughts on “‘IN THE BEGINNING…’

    1. My thanks. He is a fine composser of music and most other things. Why on earth he trusted me to narrate…albeit it my book…I’ll never know. Still, ’twas fun and we had a laugh at my constant foul language following error after error. Anyhow, once more my thanks. Regards, The Old Fool

  1. This was wonderful, Mike. I thoroughly enjoyed your reading of a section of a book… (I kind of wish it was available on Audible, now that I’ve heard this snippet!) However, I shall just have to read it, picturing your voice 😉

    1. Cheers, Dale. I’ve just mentioned to another blogger that the foul language at my every mistake would have made a worthy Audible piece? Perhaps not although even after the event it did rather make me laugh at myself! Regards, TOF

  2. George’s song has a ‘retro’ vibe that reminded me a little of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. (In a good way of course)
    You did well with the narration, but I confess I am not a fan of ‘Audio Books’. I like to imagine the voices of the characters in my head.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Cheers, Pete. I agree and thankfully haven’t turned ‘Mayday’ into an Audio Book…having said that if I did it would end up a comedy given how useless I am re narration. This was George’s idea for a tad of marketing…he seems to have taken over any and all marketing given that I rarely even think of it. My thanks again, Mike

      1. I have tried audio books in the past, on cassette tapes in the car. Stephen Fry is good at them, as you might expect. But if there are important female characters, a man’s voice reading them doesn’t work for me.

  3. Fantastic reading Mike. I know most of us writers fear public speaking and/or being seen, lol, but you did a fab job. You may have to do more! But at 114, I know it may take you awhile, lol 🙂

    1. My thanks, young Ms DGK. I’d had hoped that my son hade recorded the ‘bits in between as I despaired and said many foul words. Still, never mind. Regards, TOF

  4. I’m looking forward to reading Mayday!
    Your voice is wonderful. Nice read. Listening to George as I write this comment. He is so talented!

    1. You wouldn’t have said that about my voice when George was forcing me to repeat, repeat, repeat. Oh, there were lots of foul language from me. He’s like his mother when it comes to bossiness! I’m hoping to pop into town tomorrow to handle the post re Mayday. I’ve only just got my act together post the hospital this morn, walking the sands, ducking the giant waves and watching sweet Rosie annoying the seagulls. I’d not seen fresh air for over a week. It felt good. Regards, TOF

      1. Don’t stress! You will mail, when you mail!
        The hospital sounds like jail. Were you committing health crimes?
        It’s warming up to a balmy 0C tomorrow. Walk day!

      2. Hospital wise, rest assured it was quite the opposite of a jail…luckily. The team of quacks plus the lovely Indian nurse did me proud…much laughter. I believe my practical hopelessness; my lack of interest when it came to discussing the science of medical discussion, amused them all, although in an odd way their caring, humorous professionalism amused me. Generally I find the medical profession seem treat the patient as if they are a ‘nothing’. Not this lot, they gave me all the time I needed when it came to delving deep within my innards. They also seemed rather enthusiastic that they could finally report to me that all was well. 0C tomorrow! As a write we are 5C although Shirl tells me, outise in a gale from the Atlantic feels like 0C…rubbish bins are hurtling done the road I note. Have a splendid day, young Resa. Regards, TOF

  5. You know,this whole TOF thing might be moot. You are only 114+. I do believe OLD begins at 123 yrs.
    You know, now what with 80 being the new 40.

    1. Getting old, bit by bit, is akin to torture without a visible torturer. The brain still thinks it’s young; the irksome body says and proves otherwise. I’ll take 123 years any day though, young Resa.

    1. That’s dashed kind of you, young Ms Madamchryzl. Much appreciated. I’d never narrated previously and there were many four letter words along the way…thankfully my son edited them out! He now want’s me to the another soon ever since he decided to ‘manage’ me as I am hopeless with such things. All the best, The Old Fool

      1. 🖤 I think your son is quite wise to encourage and help you on this new journey. SO exciting! I think he should let us here some of those “4 letter words.” I bet they sound distinguished. LoL

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