Ms April, the girl with the sparkling eyes, eyes that sheepishly dart this way and that, her demeanour bolder than before, surreptitiously and now with a composed air of nonchalance, purloins, in defiance of The Laws of Physics, the small crystal blue and green orb that is the conscious ‘The Universe’.

From the shelf, she places it gently and with circumspection into her tatty handbag. Walking off briskly, her anxiety veiled in a mask of contrived confidence she makes her getaway…keeps the promise she made to humanity long, long ago. She begs good fortune that no conscious being or form, especially so The Adjudicator, a wicked man, had seen what she had done.

Unbeknownst to her, that wicked man in the fedora and dark glasses was vigilant; ever watching; absorbing everything, tailed her out of The Shop of Dreams, through the mall toward the cemetery of old legend via which she might succeed her getaway.

Later, at the taxi rank he of wickedness takes the cab next in line to hers, all the way to her home; all the way to her front door without her knowing. Blissfully unaware initially, she puts the key in the lock, then senses someone…maybe something…was watching and waiting for her. She glances over her shoulder…nothing.

Later still, early evening, she takes a shower; dons a bathrobe; reaches for her bag; looks inside. “Yes” she inaudibly bellowed, ‘Yes, I still have the orb”. Between thumb and forefinger she raises it to her lips upon which she places a single kiss, then returns it to its new resting place afront the wood burning fireplace.

A knock at her door. She takes no notice. Then a fierce banging, a fist most likely. Still she ignores the racket…hopes it, he, they, whatever, goes away. Not to be. He smashes the door in. Gains access. Within the blink of an eye, the man in the fedora and shades stands over her imposingly. Bared teeth; perfect teeth he does not say a word, merely matter-of-factly holds out his hand. In a nano-second she panics notwithstanding, she still manages to consider all options. Seemingly, there were none in her favour. With reluctance she delivers up ‘The Universe’ and places it in his leather-gloved palm. He nods his approval; slips it into his coat pocket and takes of his leave.

All things considered it could have been worse, much worse, for her kiss…that single caress…had restored love and balance to humanity; to all living things across all of time. Her kiss, you see, was born of féminin magic, for that is the way Ms April’s very own extraordinary magic works…nought else.

Even this old fool…an atheist by considered choice, yet respectful of those of different convictions; each to their own and no war of words…sheds a tear or two listening to this ‘divine’ song, ‘From a Distance’, especially so given the state of the world today. Such a wonderful lyric, sung so well by Nanci Griffith who died last August.

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30 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MS. APRIL

    1. Cheers, young Ms S. I’ve been dabbling with characters. Ms April Fool…created 1st. April…daughter of Mayday…created 1st. May. We’re it not for bonkers Rosie the puppy I’d be on a roll! Never mind, all is good now the sun is out. Regards, the one seemingly now called by one and all, TOF

  1. Ms April’s powers are wonderfully magical if a single kiss can restore love and balance, despite that evil-doer…
    And yes, that song is a beautiful version with a powerful video.

    1. My thanks, Dale. Well Ms April Fool, her full name and one she doesn’t like at all, is the daughter of Mayday…at least one day when I get my act together she will be…so ‘magic’ is in her bloodline. Regards, TOF

  2. Very sweet, yet sour story, as it will always be.
    I wish the monster had rotten teeth, but that’s just me.
    Listening to your song choice… beautiful. I never heard it before. Interesting! the song ends, and the universe continues.
    TOF, I’ve always wondered where music goes. The band plays. I heard the music. Now there’s none. Did it go into the universe for ever. It’s still out there, as an energy.

    LOL!!! Maybe my book is out there with the music singing Mayday, Mayday!
    Still, it could come. Last small package I sent to Greece took almost 2 months.

    1. Ms April is the daughter of Mayday in the piece I’m trying to write subject to bonkers Rosie taking up a lot of worthy time teaching her how to sing and paint. I’ve got the raging hump with the postal operatives hither and yon. Another copy of Mayday will be on its way forthwith. Sorry it’s been a long wait. Best wishes, the aging grumpy Old Fool who may well start dying his hair and live behind posh dark spectacles. Madness is afoot.

      1. Did the original one you sent to me get returned? Maybe it will still show up?
        Anyway, posh dark spectacles sound cool.
        Yes, madness, after 2 years of covid, the world is falling apart quite nicely.

      2. It wasn’t returned, yet I suspect it’s lost in the ether. I’ll sent a replacement and if the other one does arrive one day then so be it…it matters not, no worries. I shall, of course, have a little fun at the post office when sending the replacement…they don’t like me already, thus there’s no harm in me saying whatever amuses me. Regards, TOF

  3. The devil may have the orb, but her kiss has already delivered the magic needed.
    A heartening concept, Mike.
    If only it could be true…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My thanks, Pam. True, although she does live inside my mind. For my sins I’m presently writing ‘The Outrageous Ms. April Fool’. You’re correct, that is a gem of a song. Regards, The Old Fool

  4. Ms. April won’t be denied! I’m sure she will snatch The Universe away again before too long. 🙂 Praying you’re well, and please give my regards to your beautifully creative family! xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Good to hear from you, Ms Lee. It’s been too long…my fault, I stress. I think I’m a tale of woe these days. The IBS curses me still and of late insomnia has reared its ugly head again. I write a little, yet as you well know, one has to be in the right mood when putting pen to paper. However, Ms April is my current character, book wise. Her full name Miss April Fool…born 1st April. I rather like her. She’s based upon my Shirl…i.e. a wild one. I do hope you and your family are well and happy. All the very best…I mean that…to you all. Regards, Mike

      1. Ah, the wild ones are always a joy to follow. Many thanks for your well wishes, my friend, and I do hope the Sandman visits you a little more often! xxxxxx

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