Sunday Book Review – Mayday by Mike Steeden

Back in 1946 Irving Berlin penned the lyrics for his song, ‘Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)’. The song itself tells of a female attempting…successfully…to outdo her male oppo when it comes to complex tasks, and in some amusing yet bold way proved that females were more effective at managing all that life could throw at them. It was with that in mind I committed to paper the tale of Ms Mayday. In short, she lives the life she chooses and not one determined by archetypal males as has been the case since the beginning of conscious history. It helps that Mayday is blessed with magical skills, yet nonetheless, in my opinion, ‘tis time women held sway in putting right this rotten globe we live on. Ever since the coming of evolution us chaps we’ve had our chance but have failed at every hurdle. My sincere thanks to a lovely lady known as D G Kaye for reviewing ‘Mayday’ and posting her on her blog. I hope those who read this tome enjoy it.

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing a book called Mayday by Mike Steeden. I haven’t read many books in this genre before, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read such a mix of genres, and the author was kind enough to invite me to read a paperback version of his book, sent all the way from England. Steeden has created a work of fiction with a sprinkle of sci-fi/fantasy, romance/thriller – certainly an interesting mix of genre for such a greatly imagined story. This is the story of Mayday, a beautiful, intelligent, all-knowing, healer with a zest and curiosity for all life has to offer, all the while having to dodge danger.


The girl known as ‘Mayday’ was born a fully-fledged human being, her creator, a professor of remarkable ingenuity for he had ensured that she had amazing capabilities, jealous scientists could never fathom…capabilities that…

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Mayday by Mike Steeden

    1. Cheers, young Ms S. I have a soft spot for Mayday. She wins, whereas the chaps lose…the way it should be, especially in these times. A shame she’s fictional. Anyway, how the devil are you? I’ve missed writer’s chat for far too long.

      1. I’m good Mike, been here and there and enjoying life. And hoping the new book will be out soon now, once i wrestle it to the ground a bit more. How you, Shirl and George/

      2. Good to hear all is well in Scotland. Talking of your new book reminds me that I never got around to posting an Amazon review in your last tome. I really must get around to doing that…my only excuse that this damn IBS had lead me astray from time to time…and rest assured I’ll be buying your new book, that’s for sure. Here in dull England we’re off to Sussex for a week soon. I’ve found a decent looking ancient cottage in an old village in the South Downs National Park. It’s not France but it’ll have to do as mad but lovely Rosie the puppy isn’t quite ready for a long journey in a car. In general terms I reckon we’re doing the best we can despite the obstacles the moronic government puts in our way. At least I’ve come to terms with the irksome illness at last. It was Shirl who told me not to fight it, instead live with it. As to George, the lockdown did him no good, but I think he’ll be on a roll soon. Anyhow, all the very best, Mike

      3. Aw Mike, all the idiocy hasn’t done anyone any good. It was why it was brill to be away in Prague. So relaxed there it wa epic/. Okay so the new hol cottage ain’t France, but with a little imagination I well know you two have it can be whatever. It will all come right and yup sometimes life is just something you have to adjust too. And you know, you step back and think…hey this is okay. I know folks who just plough on regardless and there comes a point where it is not clever. I know one of the themes I did explore …oot but…in that last book was the notion of holding onto the little things …ie the many rituals order to hold onto something bigger, that is the reassurance that all is well in our world. But our world is shifting sand and a little shift with it does no harm. Don’t worry re getting round to anything re reviews. I mean that. Just you get out there and enjoy your trip. i think we all need that break right now and I am sure you will have a great time.

      4. Kind words much appreciated, young Ms S. You are, of course, bang on re taking life as it comes. I guess I’ve always been a bad loser…I blame it on my early years playing cricket; a fast bowler as it happens. This break is needed although your Prague equivalent sounds rather tasty. At least we have Little Miss Muffet…as I call her…aka Rosie, who will take us on long walks in the middle of nowhere. My thanks again, Mike

      5. You do have Rosie which makes your life different whatever, as in changed circumstances or not AND there’s great peace in long walks, letting the world speak to you. We can get too hung up on what we see as happiness when it’s all around. Prague was epic. And years back before my mr got so he had to take early retirement and we had to sell up I’d never have thanked you for a ‘city break’. But there . been there twice now and it was just fabulous. Lovely city, very cheap and easy to get about. We behaved very badly on our last night with this older Scots couple who live there who we had spoken to by chance a few nights previously, getting flung out of pubs, nicking glasses. One of the best laughs ever.

      6. Not as grand and big as Scotland’s classical scenery, yet we’re lucky in these parts blessed with forests, cliffs, castle, harbour, sea etc. and yes, you’re dead right. The long walk away from cars and people is the best place to be; best place to think. Shirl lost a stone first month we got the monster just from doubling her walks distances. The same month I lost a stupid tun when I gave up eating for a couple of weeks, living on water alone for no other reason than ‘no food’ meant no ‘IBS’… I overlooked the fact that without food one eventually snuffs it. Talking of laughs, it was on a long walk this very afternoon Rosie had chosen, from which, and for the umpteen time, she came home covered in cow pooh. She’s in the bath even as I wright. Regards to you and yours, Mike

      7. LOl..Just imagining Rosie. See..? I often think in life war rages all around us.. i am not talking big conflicts just day to day living, but we find the silly things to laugh at and dine out on. And in doing that find ourselves again in such stupid crumbs of living that we get whole again. So get in there. Eat, drink and dinnae snuff it xxxx,

  1. Hi Mike. I know I left a comment here yesterday, but don’t see it. Just thanking you again for the reblog. 🙂 – Diamond Girl 🙂

    1. It’s me who has to thank you, Ms Diamond Girl. In posting your review of ‘Mayday’ you’ve done the one thing I hoped for the most, namely reactions to my tome. That’s all I’ve ever want when penning a book, if the truth be told. Having read the comments on your blog I’d like to thank each and every one of them for speaking their view; their choice of genres. My thanks to you and your astute followers. Regards, Mike

  2. Mayday is on my TBR list Mike. You’ve yet to disappoint, your writing is always exciting and steers clear of the mundane. I shall go directly to the eroticism ( thank you for throwing that in otherwise …) best of luck my friend. Enjoy your getaway. DJ’s review is much appreciated.

    1. My thanks, young Holly. Mayday, as a matter of course, aside from her miraculous capabilities, goes out of her way to choose her own way of life…albeit a wild life more akin to what usually is considered that of stereotypical males who take such life for granted…for herself, and gives short shrift to those males who dare to think otherwise. I believe that’s why I got to take a liking to her when penning this outrageous tome. Best of good fortune, Mike

  3. Congrats on the review, TOF! I’ll head over and read it.
    As for my reading, I am in the thick, past half way. AS you well know, I am a turtle reader. That’s because I like to draw and sew, take photos and blog, yet have only 2 hands and 1 brain. So, I read with my coffee in the morning. I’m enjoying the book, and also plan a review.
    Be well!

    1. Young Resa, presently I am in on holiday in Sussex where everyone is swoony-nice, and how life a such a wonderful thing. Life is for the money bags here, not to my liking, yet beautiful landscaped. I do believe if I ended living here I’d die a slow death. That said, please, please don’t rush my book. Take your time, as is only proper. By the way, I’ve drunk more red than I should for an old fool. Such is life, and all the very best, TOF

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