Rosie to the right, Lico the Flyball World Champion to the left

Back home in the County of Kent young Rosie the loveable monster girl had to face her boyfriend, a pleasant dog none too bright going by the handle ‘Toby the Muscular Mongrel’. The pair had always made a fine couple spending much of their time in the fields and forests together running hither and yon. However, only last week while holidaying in a delightful old ghostly cottage we’d rented in a village sat plum in the middle of the South Downs National Park she fell upon the true love of her life, a lurcher just like she called ‘Lico’. Lico is no average chap. Indeed, a handsome fellow from Belgium, and moreover he is the Flyball Champion of the World who also broke all speed records the event had ever seen. Victory at Crufts 2022 followed by that World Championship, Lico won the lot and in doing so thrashing his own colleagues in the ‘Roadrunners Beep Beep’ team.

How so I know these things? If the truth be told they came via a likeable character called Matthew, Lico’s owner, the both of them Belgians. A hot evening, Shirl and I taking a cold-beer or two outside the pub opposite our letting prior to dinner when seemingly from nowhere, Matthew and Lico joined us at our table, Matthew keen to know Rosie’s background. While we chatted away, both Rosie and Lico sniffing each other’s crucial parts as dogs tend to do when we noticed the ‘sniffing’ had evolved into an out and out lingering, nose to nose, romantic kiss. Good fortune has it that I am familiar with the ‘canine barking language’ and it was because of that that Rosie was able to let me know that she was in love with Lico and that Toby the Muscular Mongrel no longer meant a thing to her. That when, upon our return to Kent, discovering that Rosie had ditched poor Toby, he barked at her calling her nought but a brazen hussy…yet she couldn’t care less. It rather looks like that we…Shirl and I…will be taking Rosie on trips across La Manche to good old Belgique in the months to come, after all Rosie has let it be known that Lico is definitely the dog of her dreams what with him being the fastest lurcher the world has ever as well as being the best kisser known to dogkind.

Shirl with Rosie & Matthew with Lico

Below, the relevent segment regarding the video of Lico’s remarkable success when breaking all previous records.

Said Boozer where the dogs first met
Herewith the girl herself upon her bed
The cruel song Lico sent Rosie just yesterday…his version sung in canine barking language

For what it’s worth, Rosie and Mayday…Mayday being the female character in my recent book by the same name…are two of a kind in many respects. Both of them intoxicating women who live the life they choose, and neither take prisoners. Should that that tome or indeed any of my books to date take your fancy they can be purchased from AMAZON in PAPERBACK form or on regular KINDLE as well as for FREE on KINDLE UNLIMITED. To access, click on the picture below.

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    1. My thanks, Tim. It was fascinating talking with Matthew. I thought Rosie’s speed something else, then along comes the world champion…a cool character, for sure.

    1. Agreed, young Holly. Rosie runs at amazing speed herself. As to Toby…bad luck i say, although he’s a good chap. As you say, all is fair in love and war.

  1. Now that is a love for the ages! Love how you’ve written it, Mike 🙂
    My goodness those dogs are FAST!
    Leonard Cohen is always welcome to my ears 🙂

    1. My thanks, Dale. For the record, young Rosie has been measured running at 36.5mph. She runs like the wind, yet thankfully always comes back. Thank you once more. Regards, Mike

    1. My thanks, Pete. Young Rosie is now chasing a soft Dobermann who has been following her day after day. I’ve yet to discover his name as his owner is a Spurs suppoter whereas I’m an Arsenal man. Such is life. All the best, Mike

      1. Nice one, Sir. I’m sport mad and I must confess, be it cricket, football, rugby…whatever. ‘Tis a battle I fight with the missus time and time again on the rare occasions she turn a TV on.

      2. My wife adores the fact that I have never watched one single sporting event in the 22 years she has known me. I equate them with Scalextric, Airfix kits, train sets, and Subbuteo, Mike. Cast away such childish thoughts, my friend! Be a modern man! 🙂

    1. My thanks for reading. Young Rosie is the sweetest girl save for her…akin to Mayday, and Shirl for what it’s worth…bossiness. And yes, she’d wear not a thing if we allowed it. Mind you, a collar is all she wears when out around and about. Thanks again, Mike

    1. Well then young Resa, Rosie rules the house, eats our clothes, barks all the time, eats anything, rolls in everything, yet for the main part she’s a clever, cuddling girl like no other…the little monster. All the best to you and yours, TOF

  2. LOL! Rosie got herself a champion!
    There’s nothing like a great love story!
    TOF, I’m on the last chapter.
    I’ve just finished my new Art Gown, and am working on editing photos and making a post.
    So, I’ll be very busy on Art Gowns for awhile.
    Upon returning to GLAM… once AG is in control, I’ll be doing a couple of art posts, then a review of your book.
    It’s been quite the ride! Well done!
    Great Cohen song, thank you!

    1. Do take your time re the book, young Resa. You seem organised…I’m jealous, I’m quite the opposite…a waste of space, dear Shirl calls me. As to Rosie, she’s a ‘Chase me, Chase me’ girl. A joy to watch, more so that she can run at an amazing pace the other dogs can’t keep up. All the best, regards, TOP

  3. Is this what they call “puppy” love? I suppose love always keeps us young. 🙂 So lovely to FINALLY be visiting you on this side of the Pond. It’s been too long! xxxxx

    1. Ms Rosie has ensured that bothering me when writing is a fun thing…for her. That said, she is a little diamond.And yes, its been too long. Come the new day I hope to be back to norm and can spend more time on WP. Best wished, you and yours, Mike

  4. Well done Mr. Steeden, you’ve got me to read a dog post! I often pass them up. Now now, I’m nice to animals, just not so much in my house :). Seriously amusing and how you pulled your character into it was very smart indeed. Beautiful animals, and sounds like they give you and Shirl much happiness.

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