MAYDAY – by Mike Steeden

May I thank young Resa who took time out to review my book called ‘Mayday’. She’s a brave girl, for sure. That said, Resa is the creator of stunning fashion gowns that will never age, they stand alone for eternity such is their beauty. On top of that she is a unique artist over many genres. Also, she is fabled for seeking out sublime street art and always discovers pure gems. Not only that, but she is also a diamond gal of the first order of diamond gals.
Thank you, Resa. Regards, TOF aka The Old Fool – Herewith, Resa’s review of my book.

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Genre: SciFi-Horror-Adventure-Adult-Romance-Fantasy

There is no way to pigeon hole Mike Steeden’s writing, both in style and genre. Then again, my reviews are unorthodox. So, let me get on with it!


Mayday was not born, she was made by a male professor/scientist. Her body is perfection, her blonde hair is to her waist. She is an adult without a childhood. She will never age. Her cerebral prowess is unfathomable, and grows during the course of the story. She can heal the ill, feed the hungry, make people forget or make them remember something different. That’s just the tip of it.

 Her name means “help me”, but no one can; at least not for long, and not in the end.


As knowledge of Mayday spreads throughout the world, there are 2 elemental societies that desire her. One is the religious fanatics that want to torture then crucify…

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26 thoughts on “MAYDAY – by Mike Steeden

    1. She certainly is, young Ms S…as are you. You’ve assisted so many writers and lead them on the path to actually finishing their book. Have a fine weekend. Regards, Mike

  1. Mike, such a wonderful book , congratulations! Resa has done a beautiful review of your work, she’s absolutely a brilliant kind and sharing lady. Sending all my best and much success ( which I have no doubt about). Stay well my friend.

    1. Thank you, young Holly. Resa is one of a kind….as indeed all you talented girls are. You all have the gift of ‘art’ in all its various genres. Regards, Mike

  2. Hello mate. I have included your books in my July and August list. They are, of course, the lists of English books. Greetings Kon. 📖👋😁📚📱🖥️

      1. Tell me please. I will publish it on my September collection 🙂 👍 of English books 📚 And…. Get well soon ☺️

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