Been a While



It’s been a while.

After a year or so away from WordPress (and other social media sites) I have spent the majority of my time looking after the now 1 year old Rosie the dog.

Rosie the dog
Rosie the dog playing with her bone.

The other week I finally sat down to write a song after many months of not doing so. I had contracted COVID and was in a very dour mood, a perfect time I thought to create something ominous on the piano (I hope you enjoy):

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9 thoughts on “Been a While

    1. Little Rosie has destroyed 7 pairs of slippers of mine thus far. I’m only buying cheap ones until she’s a tad older…as for Shirl’s stuff, don’t ask…it’s a disaster. Still, we love her. Regards, TOF

      1. Of course you love her! TOF, just know that even though she loves destroying Shirl’s stuff more than yours, she loves both of you equally!

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